Healing Power of Art Online Exhibition Now Live

Healing Power of Art Online Exhibition Now Live

by Diane Saarinen

Manhattan Arts International presents its Fifth Annual “Healing Power of Art” online exhibition, which is available for viewing now. The inspiration for this endeavor lies in the theory that art is a natural force that promotes heath and well-being. It is felt by some that art has transformative powers to change a person’s outlook and the way one experiences the world. In addition, organizers of this online event say, it has been proven that art can affect a person’s physiology impacting brain wave patterns and the nervous system and the cells in the body. If there exists the power to promote healing and even alter a person’s immune system, this is a cause for celebration indeed.

More than one hundred artists are represented in the online “Healing Power of Art” exhibition, which received more than 700 entries. The jury who evaluated the art consisted of Renée Phillips, New York, NY, author and director of Manhattan Arts International; Edward Rubin, New York, NY based art writer; and Jane M. St. Lifer, ASA, New York, NY who has thirty years experience in the international art world as an Accredited Senior Appraiser and curator.

Phillips reflected on the judging process: “As a juror of this exhibition I looked for work that combined skill and originality with visceral attributes. From awe-inspiring images reflecting inspiration from Source to profound and sometimes painful insight, the entries expressed the broad context of this theme. Congratulations to you all!”

Each juror gave each entry a score between 0 and 6 (highest) in these areas: how well the work represented the theme; originality and innovation; and technical skill. The totals from all three jurors were added together to determine the final winners.

The result? You can see the online gallery representing the winners of the top awards here (http://www.manhattanarts.com/Gallery/Healing2008/TopWinners.htm.) To view other award-winners, including Honorable Mentions, click here. (http://www.manhattanarts.com/Gallery/Healing2008/index.htm.)

To celebrate further, several healing practitioners will gather in person on Sunday, December 14 in the studio/gallery of Nadiya Jinnah in midtown Manhattan. Visitors will have the opportunity to step away from the busy streets of New York City and into a tranquil space of relaxation at a unique, peaceful and stimulating art and healing event. There, one can meet and mingle with art enthusiasts, artists and energy healers. Artist Nadiya Jinnah’s work will also be available for viewing. Those gathered will include best selling author David Markowitz, Grammy Award winner Barry Goldstein, and Body Talk Practitioner Miriam Stanford. For more information on attending, please contact healing [at] manhattanarts [dot] com.

For a nice deep psychic breath in the midst of a busy holiday season – the remedy for hustle and bustle – stop by the online exhibition “Healing Power of Art” for a meditative pause. And if you’re in NYC on December 14, see you at Jinnah’s studio!

Diane Saarinen is a New York-based writer and tarot reader. She will be performing her tarot readings at the studio of Nadiya Jinnah in celebration of the “Healing Power of Art” on December 14 between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. For more about Diane, please check out her tarot blog at http://wavelengthtarot.com.

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