There is Healing Power in Non-ordinary States of Consciousness

There is Healing Power in Non-ordinary States of Consciousness

A new book by Tav Sparks The Power Within: Becoming, Being, and the Holotropic Paradigm (Muswell Hill Press) explores the healing power of non-ordinary states of consciousness, and the revolutionary nature of the inner healing principle in Holotropic Breathwork™, a practice developed by Stanislav and Christina Grof.

The name Holotropic means literally “moving toward wholeness” (from the Greek “holos”=whole and “trepein”=moving in the direction of something). Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful method for self-exploration, personal transformation and healing. It integrates insights from modern consciousness research, depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, anthropology, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions, and has introduced revolutionary changes to psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy.

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Through breathing, evocative music and focused energy release bodywork, enhanced states of consciousness are induced. These states allow mobilization of the spontaneous potential of the psyche.

The audience for this title includes both seekers and healers, with applications in transpersonal therapy, hospice care, addiction recovery, psychedelic research and support, and spiritual emergency.

In a work full of wisdom and humanity, Sparks explores the interface of consciousness, personal growth, numinous experiences, and the evolution of the collective psyche. Drawing on his extensive expertise in Holotropic Breathwork and his interest in the perennial philosophy, Sparks shows us how true fulfillment for any individual can be found by turning inward, through searching the core of our own deepest selves, using a simple, powerful breathing practice.

Sparks is Director of Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT), the only training program that certifies people as practitioners of Holotropic Breathwork. Tav is a teacher, consultant, and writer with over 30 years of experience working therapeutically with people in non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Since 1986, Sparks has conducted hundreds of trainings and workshops and supported thousands of individuals in their deep inner work. In1990, he became the primary faculty member of GTT, working alongside Stanislav Grof, M.D.

In 1998, Sparks, along with is wife Cary Sparks, took over GTT from the Grofs, and he currently leads and oversees a network of seminars and events all over Europe; North and South America; and Australia.

Fantastic treatise on the holotropic perspective. Good review of psychology, mysticism and spiritual paradigms which are often discussed without really defining what they are and their relationship to ones own psyche. This is also a comprehensive and in depth discussion on Holotropic Breathwork and the work of Stanislav Grof. Sparks takes you beyond the labels and discusses what is possible beyond the theoretical, challenging you to enter the experiential realm of self-discovery. Well written and so needed in this time where material greed seems to overshadow rational thought and human decency.
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About the book:
The Power Within: Becoming, Being, and the Holotropic Paradigm (Muswell Hill Press)
by Tav Sparks • Muswell Hill Press • November 2016
1908995203 • Paperback• 374 pages

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