Halloween – Things that go bump in the night

Halloween – Things that go bump in the night

by Joanne Brocas

Halloween is the time of year when our imagination can go into overdrive and we end up thinking of all things scary like ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night. The popularity of mediums in the media with programmes such as ‘Most Haunted’ and the ‘Sixth Sense’ has opened up the public’s minds to the possibility of life after death. This is wonderful news and helps to release any fears of dying, knowing also that they will reunite with family, friends and loved ones, on the other side.

Children love Halloween because it’s both scary and fun and you only have to see the amazing array of creative costumes in the shops from skeleton suits to witches hats. Let’s not forgot the horrid looking sweets and gifts that help to create the overall picture. Trick or Treat, has arrived here from America and now Halloween night is filled with a party atmosphere, fun games, food and ghost stories. Basically, like Christmas, it arrives one night a year, and maybe for many people it is the only time that they will truly think of anything supernatural or connected to the spirit world. Mediums know differently; they know there really are things like haunted homes and wandering spirits.

What if I told you then that some ghost stories are real and that earthbound spirits wonder the Earth and some of these spirits are up to no good? They are searching for easy targets to latch onto so they are able to influence them to gain control. These spirits are most likely to hang around pubs and clubs hoping to find a person who is heavily intoxicated with drink or drugs until they pass out then they jump into their bodies to receive the high that comes with their condition. If theses people carry on with this lifestyle the earthbound may even follow them home and live with them all the time influencing them to drink more and more for their own selfish gain.

The question I am sure you are now asking, is this:  Why are these spirits allowed to do this? – Because everyone has free will and I mean everyone, these spirits did not cross over to the light when they died and chose to stay on Earth. The people they target are those who have lost all balance in their life and therefore with their own free will, choose to ignore a wiser life choice and drink themselves into oblivion or abuse their bodies with drugs or the like. These people will ignore their guardian angel and do what they want therefore unable to recognise their dire situation. Their angel cannot help without being invited plus the fact that when the person moves away from the light they automatically shut out the help and assistance of their angel except in a life or death situation, if it is not the person’s time to pass. Other wise their angel will sit quietly behind the scenes watching the person ruin their life through the power of their own free will. It is only when they wake up and smell the coffee and choose another way that they will attract the help and assistance of their beloved angel.

What about Ghosts?
As for seeing ghosts, well these are just pictures that are caught in time and not real. They can be likened to a video recording and some ghosts only appear on the anniversary of their deaths at the same time every year. Residual energy is what creates this imprint in the ether and basically this is a through a highly charged emotional reaction at the point of dying. It could be a murder, an accident or any kind of traumatic death that creates this strong emotion. Battle scenes like the one in Culloden, Scotland may have happened hundreds of years ago but the atmosphere is still eerie and in the right circumstances you may catch a glimpse of the battle replaying itself out as it happened. Ghosts are only pictures because they have crossed over to the light, how does a medium know this? It’s because they can not communicate back with the medium as their consciousness has passed over to the light. It is like a house with the lights on but no one is home.

Visiting Spirits
These spirits are those who have crossed over to the light and wish to communicate with their loved ones on Earth. Usually this is done through the assistance of a medium, although if you are aware of the signs around you then your loved ones can give you gentle and subtle nudges to show you they are there. They do this by flashing the lights, bringing in a favourite smell that helps you remember them, nudging a photograph. Impressing you to turn on the radio at a particular time when a certain song is playing that connects them with you. There are many ways in which your loved ones can reach you. They do not wish to frighten you in any way and most of the time when you are asking them to show you signs that they are around you then they already are but you are expecting for too much from them. Remember they are not of the physical world anymore and any small thing that they may do here for you may be a huge energetic task to them. Be patient, grateful and know that they will do all they can to let you know they are alive and well in Heaven. Have a great Halloween you now have knowledge of the spirit world and its inhabitants.

Joanne Brocas is a professional psychic medium with her new book on psychic and spiritual development called ‘Feel the Vibes’ being published by O Books and due out next year 2008. Joanne works with her husband also an author and medium and together they tour the UK, Canada and America giving workshops, seminars and demonstrations of mediumship. To find out more about Joanne and her work, you can visit her website on www.joannebrocas.com

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