Guided Meditations for Managing Pain, Losing Weight and More

Guided Meditations for Managing Pain, Losing Weight and More

by Carlotta Cortes

A talented team of musicians, artists, writers and production technicians have pooled their talents and energy to create a new collection of self-help, meditation, relaxation and self-development tools. These guided meditations, music CDs and DVDs can be found online at

We were especially surprised to see there is an astral travel guided meditation that involves traveling above the Earth. Much more serious is a meditation exercise for managing pain. This “Natural Pain Relief” technique bears testimonials from users who say they had a terrible migraine or headache before starting the mental journey and afterwards, it felt like he had “just come back from a two-week holiday.”

In their Self Development library are meditations for self help and overcoming problems, such as increasing self esteem, building self confidence, facing money worries, overcoming loneliness, stopping smoking, losing weight, career advice and even dealing with sexual intimacy issues.

Music tracks available include “Inner Journey” a meditative track for contemplation and reflection that helps the listener feel more centered and balanced. There is also motivational music on the opposite pole of the energy scale which is geared to helping people take more pride in being who they are.

The Mediheaven online library includes more than 45 guided meditations, and the ones we listened to were very high quality. They are available to download as MP3s, so people can download them to their computer hard drive, copy them into portable audio players and take them virtually anywhere. They may even be shared with others.

In addition to downloading MP3 audio programs from the website, audio CDs and DVDs are available, on topics such as total relaxation, self belief, rest & sleep, instant relaxation, and self confidence.

You may already have heard some of Mediatainment’s programs, because their relaxation and sleep recordings are part of the in-flight entertainment offered on many international airlines, including US Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, Qantas, Finnair and China Airlines.

There is also a healthcare application. Several clinics and therapists in the USA and UK are using their natural pain relief meditation and other emotional support meditations.

Anyone who is feeling stressed out will be interested to know there are a dozen different relaxation tracks that may be listened to. There is a meditation for a peaceful dream called “Fantastic Relaxation” and we nearly fell asleep in front of the computer when we listened to the sample. Of course, the entire MP3 Audio track is 21 minutes long, which seems like an excellent value to download for $10.

Although individual tracks can be purchased on a single payment basis, unlimited access to all of the downloads is available for $79 or 40 pounds sterling in the UK. This allows unlimited downloading memberships for six months, and it also comes with a money back promise that payment in full may be refunded with no questions asked within two days of purchase.

We felt much more relaxed after listening to their many free online samples.

The head office of Mediatainment Ltd. is in the UK, and complete contact details are listed on the website.

Carlotta Cortes is a freelance writer and contributor to several new age, self-help, yoga, meditation and natural wellness websites.

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