Guidebook to becoming a lightworker announced

Guidebook to becoming a lightworker announced

For beginning and progressive lightworkers, the new book “Journey of a Lightworker” (published by Balboa Press AU), by Amanda-Jean Deering, offers a solid foundation to spiritual pathways.

Frustrated by the lack of resource materials for spiritual journeyers, Deering produced her combination memoir-guidebook-resource manual. She hopes to help spiritual beginners with the basics of lightwork, aid intermediates along the spiritual path and assist teachers in their lessons. Deering also directs readers to her website,, where they can access guided meditation, MP3s, video tutorials and how-to’s.

“It isn’t just a guide,” Deering says, “it also provides tutorials so that anyone can use them to embrace the teachings. It covers a variety of subjects that are the basis to most metaphysical and spiritual pathways.”

“Journey of a Lightworker” was written to help everyone who seeks clarity for their onward journey as spiritually evolving beings. Deering encourages readers to work on themselves and develop a good foundation to their spiritual practices if they are interested in achieving the great heights of evolution of which she says they are capable.

Journey of a Lightworker 
By Amanda-Jean Deering 
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 198 pages | ISBN 9781452527864 
E-Book | 198 pages | ISBN 9781452527871 
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author 
Amanda-Jean Deering, holistic practitioner, revels in the opportunity to teach and mentor people in all the limitless aspects of metaphysics and spirituality. She began her own spiritual journey more than 20 years ago at the age of 12. She is proud of her roles as a constantly evolving student and channel of the divine in service to humanity. She and her equal, Will, live in Australia.

Amanda-Jean Deering was, by all accounts, a very ordinary child from an ordinary family. She loved math, reading, music, dance, science, and more, and her childlike curiosity knew no bounds. But little Amanda-Jean had a secret ability-one she didn’t understand at fi rst. She saw and felt and sensed things about other people. She thought of herself as a chameleon, someone who could fi t in anywhere. For Amanda-Jean, the awareness of her ability to read others was just the fi rst step on her own path to understanding and mastery. Finding the foundations to all the basic subjects can be frustrating if one is unsure where to look. In response to her frustration, she decided to write the book she always wanted to read. Part memoir, part guidebook, and part resource work, Journey of a Lightworker was written to help everyone who seeks clarity. For beginning and progressive lightworkers, it offers a solid foundation to spiritual pathways. For teachers and mentors, this book is a functional teaching aid and manual. For students, it is a reference book and companion. For all, it is a reliable guide for their onward journey as spiritually evolving beings.

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