Group past life regression—Can it work?

Group past life regression—Can it work?

by Dave Graham

The realisation that we have all lived before can be a hugely liberating experience for many of us. In accepting reincarnation as a natural part of the way in which life works can lead to an expanding of the mind and an acceleration of our spiritual development. It can also be a great challenge to the cultural values that we assume to matter so much.

If we have lived before, and this is just one of many incarnations on this earth, then is there a way for us to remember any of them? Is remembering a past life helpful to us in our current life? To remember a past life is to become reacquainted with a part of ourself . This part of ourself has contributed to us becoming the people that we are today.

In western culture, probably the most common method to attempt to become aware of a past life is for a hypnotherapist to relax a client sufficiently and offer suggestions that allow the memories to surface. Using similar techniques a hypnotherapist facilitator can work with a whole group of people, all engaged in the common purpose of accessing our own individual memories of one of our own previous physical lives. For some of us, working within a group all engaged in the same objective, all taking the same risks, is a safer experience. So, we all relax, standing, sitting or lying down wherever appropriate

Feeling safe, connected and engaged are important parts of the process for participants. Establishing a connection with our higher mind and thus enabling access to our own greater wisdom is important especially regarding our ability to select an experience that is most suitable for us to re-experience now. Another important aspect of the event is in inviting the attendance of our spirit guide to assist in the process.

In a workshop setting, we can set our own joint objectives by inviting ourselves to focus on the purpose of the workshop. A short talk on the evidence to support reincarnation helps to focus our mind on the objectives of the session. This engages the rational, critical mind in assessing the merits of reincarnation and past life therapy. This rational critical mind is then invited to take a back seat whilst we engage in exercises designed to stimulate the intuitive parts of ourselves. If we are used to listening to our rational thoughts and dismissing intuitive impulses then how can that be altered so that the intuitive part is allowed to express itself? Progressive relaxation techniques can enable the tension in the body to dissipate and for the conscious mind to stand at ease. We can achieve this firstly by relaxing and allowing the conscious thinking self to loosen its need to control. The relaxation can happen at a physical level and also at a mental and emotional level. Once relaxed, then our focus can turn to the stimulation of our intuitive abilities.

Stimulation of our intuitive abilities can often be helped when we are reminded of our own potential to access these memories. We often do this in dreams, meditation or even daydreams. The most powerful factor that often stunts our potential is this critical mind which dismisses or represses the internal experience that surfaces spontaneously. Often dismissed as imagination or fantasy. Whether some of them are fantasy may be so, yet the action of dismissing these experiences tends to leave our intuitive selves relatively underdeveloped and underused. For some of us it is almost like a part of ourselves that cannot be trusted. When we allow ourselves to take note of these intuitive thoughts, images and feelings, simple acknowledgement is often enough, then a pathway begins to open which makes access to our past life memories so much easier. We can engage in exercises to enable this.

It is important for our imagination to be engaged for these exercises. Imagination that is focussed on a task can be a powerful stepping stone to gaining access to past life memories. Yet when our imagination drifts it can be reeled back in without breaking the flow. Just allowing any distraction to go and refocussing without being self critical over a minor aberration.

So, exercises designed to stimulate our intuition can be employed in several ways. Visually, tuning into another person and noting any differences in that persons face, do any other images come to mind. Using each of our senses; becoming aware of any vague impressions; noting the feelings that seem to go with it; any words that may pop into our head; or even just our sense of knowing. Allowing ourselves the confidence and courage to express whatever we sense. Our concern is not whether we are judged to be right or wrong, our only concern is whether our intuition is being stimulated by the exercise.

We can save the why’s and wherefores until after the exercises have been completed. These engage the rational side of our brain which likes to take over and in doing so the intuition becomes subdued. It encourages conscious interference which would prefer to control our experience. If the conscious mind can be encouraged to take a back seat and just enjoy the ride then all the better. So, we can let the conscious mind off from the task of trying to make sense of it all until the end of the exercises at least. Above all, the exercise is in trusting our own experience. In this way we start to find insight and healing for the people that we are today

So, can any of us access memories of a past life from within a group setting?…..

Yes, as long as we allow ourselves to.

© Dave Graham. Dave Graham is a practising Hypnotherapist and Past Life Therapist based in Warwickshire, UK. He states occasional past life regression workshops locally. Details at

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