Grounding footwear allows beneficial contact with the Earth

Grounding footwear allows beneficial contact with the Earth

A new study conducted by LiSTEN Brands reveals that grounding footwear has positive effects that benefit wearers’ well-being when they make direct contact with the Earth’s surfaces. Grounding, also known as earthing, is reported in numerous studies to enable the flow of Earth’s natural energy in the form of free electrons to one’s body, and the barefoot-like sensation is believed to increase energy, reduce inflammation, promote healing, fight fatigue and support a more normalized body state according to existing literature.

In the pluggz placebo-controlled single blind pilot study, subjects were assessed after baseline measures were taken on physiological changes produced by wearing pluggz shoes for a period of 10 minutes. Using Gas Discharge Visualization devices, Thought Technology ProCom, Physiology Suite with BioGraph Infinity and CardioPro software, significant changes in heart, head, thyroid, adrenal and lumber responses were detected. Taken as a whole these changes are indicative of the body’s relaxation response.

The pluggz study is currently the only scientific research conducted on grounding footwear.

“Our data also shows the early markers of the onset of a relaxation response,” said Melinda Conner, PhD., who is the chief investigator at Optimal Healing Research, the independent researching firm hired to oversee the study. “In addition, the increase in spectral brightness in the fingers and hands indicate improved electro-dermal skin response — probably due to the onset of a detoxification process.”

Conner added that findings from this pilot were particularly significant because the subjects were tested for only 10 minutes in a dry desert area that has relatively poor continuity with the conductive part of the earth’s surface.

“Even as a pilot project, this study is meaningful and a gratifying confirmation that clearly demonstrates our concept and the benefits derived from our footwear,” added Sharon Whiteley, CEO of pluggz. “We know there is a great deal of existing research and published studies about the many benefits of grounding. We also test and know our custom formulated carbon and rubber plugs in all our shoes are conductive. We undertook this scientific study because we wanted to tie the two together.”

Womens Earthing shoes allow you to connect to the Earth and Get Grounded

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