Giving Wings Anonymously to Appreciate Earth Angels

Giving Wings Anonymously to Appreciate Earth Angels

An angelic visitation has two Oregon women busy filling orders for appreciators giving wings to angels on earth anonymously at Southern Oregon’s Sunie SeventhHeart and Shawnette Hastey have created an internet business where anyone, anytime, anywhere can thank someone who has touched their life by performing a delightful pay it forward random act of appreciation by anonymously giving beautifully packaged, blessed, white-feathered, angelic wings to their earth angel. Heartfelt stories of angel wing kiss experiences can be found at the earth angel stories page.

Giving Wings, their flagship product, was given to Sunie SeventhHeart when she received a nighttime visit and message from an angel five years ago. Sunie quotes the angel as communicating, “Within each human is an expression of angelic presence, it’s time to see it, appreciate it, and acknowledge it by giving wings to those earth angels. You are going to make angel wings. You are to begin a company to acknowledge angels on Earth anonymously.” Sunie and her business partner Shawnette, are doing just that.

The number of people thanking someone who has touched their life has grown into a revolution of appreciating angels on earth. “Our goal is to offer this wave of connected, heart flooded, deep appreciation of others to everyone across the world,” shares Sunie. “I believe we truly live among amazing people on this planet. There is a magical presence of inspiration and beauty when someone acknowledges another that fills one with joy.”

E. Christopher of Oregon describes her Giving Wings experience, “I was Blessed to receive my angel wings upon returning from a very challenging business trip. Immediately as I opened the box I felt this wave of loving energy and awareness, it seemed to gently cover me like a cloak.”

Sunie and Shawnette declare, “Our customers are finding Giving Wings a big give in a small package.”

Included with the “Giving Wings” is a beautiful card of appreciation, expressing the message to an earth angel the work you do on earth is very important. Sunie states, “Our Giving Wings are 14 across in inches and as big as the universe in love.”

In addition offers a 10″ Prayer Wing that appreciates the strength of the receiver while sending prayers and healing angels. Their prayer request page places prayers in an angelic circle of love for 7 days. The website also offers an angel’s store for angelic gift shopping.

“We are teeming with excitement about our additional designer wings soon to be introduced,” share the owners.

About Angel Wing Kisses:
Launching Angel Wing Kisses LLC in 2008 are business partners Sunie SeventhHeart who was born with her intuitive gifts and has 30 plus years as a professional, intuitive spiritual teacher along with Shawnette Hastey who has 23 years in business that varies from research and development in the financial world to a corporation partner in construction. She has been a student of conscious living for 10 plus years. Their service makes it easy for people to express appreciation in a delightful way. To join the revolution of appreciation by giving wings to angels on earth, go to Be sure to contact them on the website to sign up for a free set of “Giving Wings”.

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