Ghostly Messages from the Afterlife

Ghostly Messages from the Afterlife

By Jeffrey Marks

As a paranormal researcher, when I heard my first EVP (electronic voice phenomena) I fell out of my chair.  It was a clear, distinct, loud voice that was just as vibrant and alive as anyone, yet at the time of the investigation while walking around, my regular ears didn’t hear it.  How could the ghost’s voice end up on my recorder?  To this day, we still don’t have an answer.  But regardless of how, the fact remained that it did.  And this was no ordinary “I think I hear something through static” EVP — it was as if the spirit had taken hold of the microphone and placed it directly to his lips.  From that moment on, I decided never to take an investigative opportunity for granted, for if spirits were real and could speak into my recorder, what could they inform me about the nature of life and consciousness?

Soon after that amazing experience, I created a list of 22 questions that I now ask at every investigation in case a spirit wishes to answer via an EVP.  These questions range from “Are you affected by the passing of time?” to “Do you ever get hungry?” to “Do you deliberately like to frighten people?”  Over the years of doing this research, I have had many (but not all) questions answered in one way or another.  And that’s just with a voice recorder.

There are also my own senses.  For my entire life, I have had bizarre experiences related to spirits – ghostly encounters, feeling unseen presences, that sort of thing.  At the turn of the millennium, I began working to understand this portion of my being.  It wasn’t long before I was receiving information from people’s loved ones on the Other Side, such as how someone passed, important dates, shared memories, and what they have seen happening with people left behind.  One morning, I was listening to a radio interview with a scientist who was studying mediums and the host asked a very legitimate question: “Why don’t spirits tell us what the afterlife is like?”

It was then that it dawned on me: maybe because no one has ever officially asked.  I knew – based off my EVP questions from ghost research – spirits were willing to talk.  During mediumship readings, once the link has been established, they are certainly willing to send information about the lives they once lived.  Maybe they would be willing to answer questions about their lives right now on the Other Side?

Thrilled about the possibilities, I approached this new endeavor like my EVP questions.  I developed 52 queries all related to nature of the afterlife, and then gathered up 14 clients (sitters) to conduct the experiment.  Once enough information came through to validate a strong link to the person in spirit, I had my client ask their deceased loved one the questions.  To my delight, I received answers to all of them.  What’s more, since I recorded the sessions with the same voice recorder I take on investigations, it came as no surprise when I also heard EVPs – many of them validating the impressions I was relaying (none of the EVPs contradicted what I received).  In one case, there was an EVP that loudly exclaimed “Now that’s a good question!” to which I repeated verbally to my sitter “He says, ‘Wow!  Now that’s a good question!’”  It was an amazing validation which revealed I was on the right track.  When the experiment was over, I had all 52 questions answered 14 different ways.  When I started comparing the responses, I was completely blown away.

So what did they reveal?  The answers have ended up being written into two volumes, but in short – the afterlife is loving, healing, and designed to help evolve one’s understanding about creating experiences – both individual and en masse.  Life doesn’t end when we die in time and space, it continues on, with as much fervor and impetus as we have right now.  The spirits expressed that the dying process, though startling and fearful while still clinging to earth, is completely painless and is as natural as moving from one room of a house into another.  They said there is a new spiritual body, rather different from the physical shell of earth, but – as they described it – is still an extension of the mind as our body is here.  Much came through about how our lives on earth are every bit as affected by our own thoughts, emotions, and choices, as is theirs.  The spirits went on to describe that progression and evolution continues on the Other Side, giving many metaphorical examples of what it is like and how we share much of the same road while in a physical body, though we are less aware of it.  It was clear: just because someone has died does not give them universal knowledge they didn’t have while on earth – learning continues.  For the most part, spirits expressed that a new perspective was gained, as they could see life in a whole new way as they were now outside the effects of time and space, action/reaction.

The spirits revealed that we truly are eternal and dynamic.  In many ways, we are responsible for the short-sightedness we harbor in not being able to see it.  They revealed how the view of life changes as a result of “death” and how one moves one into new areas of activity not considered while on earth – not because such activities are impossible, they’re just not personally “permissible” due to various fears and personal limitations.  From their journey through the tunnel, to discovering “past” lives and just what the nature of evil truly represents, all the way to the nature of the afterlife landscape, occupational activities, governance, philosophical and ideologies on the Other Side (along with occasional EVPs to corroborate the impressions), the experiment was an amazing success with information I had never before considered.

Of course, some people might say “That’s all very nice, but can you prove it?”  At this very moment, I only offer the answers as possibilities.  Each person’s “proof” will come in its own time … when we exhale our last breath.  Thanks to these interviews, I no longer fear that moment, and I can say with confidence, I know my loved ones who have gone on before me are alive, well, and ready to help when it’s time for me to move from this room of the universal mansion into theirs.  Each person is greeted with loving arms.

About the author
Jeffrey Marks is an award-winning author, evidential spiritual medium, and two-term president of the Washington State Ghost Society paranormal investigation team.  His latest book “The Afterlife Interviews” details the responses received from 14 different readings where he and his clients interviewed spirits on the Other Side about the true nature of the afterlife.

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