Full Embodiment, Zaba the 96 lb Crystal Skull and The Power of Heart

Full Embodiment, Zaba the 96 lb Crystal Skull and The Power of Heart

by Maya Massar

As part of my 2010 fall workshop tour, where I will be sharing my love for and ways of working with quartz crystal for health and personal and planetary awakening, I have been invited to present at the Canadian Society of Questers’ Conference: “The Power of Heart”.

The title of the Questers Conference inspired a question for me: What, really, is The Power of Heart?  And how can we put whatever it is into some kind of meaningful use in daily living?  I believe that the true power of heart is its ability to lead us to and guide us in living our personal truths, purpose and passion, which, in one way or another, will lead us home to Love – and that is exactly what quartz crystal wishes to help us achieve.  The crystal I work with shares this through a process we call Full Embodiment.

What is Full Embodiment?  It is the state of being in which one’s physical body is so vitally alive, one’s emotional body so fluid, expressive and sharing, and one’s mind so clear and open that one’s Full, Bright Spirit – that aspect of self which is One with the Divine (by whatever name you call it) – may enter and live, fully embodied in the vessel one provides it.  The more fully embodied one’s God-Self is, the more fully one understands and is able to LIVE one’s true purpose.  From this knowledge and grace, one’s missions become clear and the manifestation of them unfolds with ever more rapidity and ease. When we are living our missions, we are seen as we know we truly are, we are freed and fulfilled, and we shine with the light of The Power of Heart, ever more fully embodied.

All of us, to varying degrees of consciousness, are moving towards the manifestation of a fully embodied planet.  You do not have to be ‘ready’ to be a part of, nor do you have to work hard at this.  It is inevitable.  If you have been eating toxic foods, drinking unhealthy beverages, and inhaling smoke for decades, and one day you wake up, choose health, and begin eating and drinking only that which nourishes you, your cells have no choice but to be taken through the healing process – it may be uncomfortable at first, as each cell is detoxified, and little by little re-built.  But no cell, no mater how much it may long for and think it is choosing its next hit of nicotine, can override the will of the entity it is a part of.  And so it is with us.  Each of us, though individual on the level of our consciousness, is a part of a larger being – Gaia, if you will, the conscious entity who is Earth.  And Earth is waking up.

I work with quartz crystal.  Quartz, and its siblings – other crystal and stone beings, bits of the Earth, (as are we, though our matter is less still and dense)  – are my beloved companions.  They are my partners in my personal life, in my work as a healing facilitator, and in my art and my writing.  It is my honor and my humble pleasure to facilitate communication and partnership between human beings and the “stone people”, and it has been my greatest joy to witness the amazing unfoldment of healing and magic in the lives of those who choose such partnerships.

It is my experience that every stone, like every human being, has varying degrees and types of consciousness, intention and ability.  Each of us has a purpose, and most often, human and stone beings are drawn to one another when they are energetically in harmony and their purposes serve one another.  It is so with Crystal Zaba, the 96 pound crystal skull, and me. Though I do not consider Zaba to be “mine”, (she has been and continues to be worked with by many, many healers, shamen, Lightworkers and healing circles from around the globe), I am most certainly her partner, and she mine on the path of facilitating Full Embodiment.

Crystal’s purposes vary as much as our own do.  However, a difference between our selves and stone is that stone, unlike human beings, is fully conscious of its purpose.  Every piece of stone is singing its song purely and clearly to those it wishes to work with. When well honed, it is through our intuition, our inner listening and knowing, that we may ‘hear’ stone’s message to us.  It is the deep consciousness of stone that we can most learn from – even being in its presence can catalyze great awakening and healing in us, when we are ready for it.  Likewise, crystal entities benefit from interaction with us as our electromagnetic energy fields and our Light-bodies catalyze theirs as well.

Crystal beings, like ourselves, are entities of light, which reside in physical form.  For me this was always a given, but last year I was privileged to bear witness to my mother’s conscious death, during which I experienced her leaving her body in such a way as to extinguish in me any trace (if there was one), of doubt that we are indeed ‘wearing’ our physical form for a time, and when done, we leave it like an old suit no longer needed.  We do not cease to exist, rather, we move in and out of form as we choose.  Angelic beings of varying degrees of awareness choose vessels able to hold degrees of energy equal to that awareness.  Quartz crystal is such a substance. Its ‘vibratory’ rate is very high, and as such it attracts highly aware beings.

Zaba came to me first over 45 years ago, in the form of her Light-self, an Angelic entity.  She apparently inhabited a quartz body – moving in and out of it at will – for eons before her body was mined, eventually carved and I was able to meet her in physical form. It may go without saying that I was deeply moved, and amazingly excited to see her manifest in matter!

Those of you familiar with crystal skulls are also likely to have heard of the many stories, histories, conflicts and view points around the phenomenon of the crystal skulls.  There are factions of crystal workers who have argued about the age of a crystal skull, the ‘authenticity’ of a carving, whether the size is relevant, how ‘activated’ the skull is – the list goes on.  A number of books, articles and websites exist discussing these and are easy to find – I will not go into them here.  For me, what is important is not whether a carving (or un-carved crystal, for that matter) is this sort or that sort (any more than it is relevant to me whether a person is this ethnicity or that, in a wheel chair or not etc.), but rather whether each piece of crystal arisen from their Earth-bed, and each human entered into fleshy matter (the body) is fulfilling their soul’s path.  Does what we do, every day, bring us closer into alignment with fulfillment of who we really are and can become?

Crystal Zaba’s intention is to facilitate Full Embodiment.  Touching her activates the human light body, or aura, which translates into a lifting of our vibratory rate, which in turn facilitates physical healing, emotional flow and mental clarity, allowing that much more of our light to shine through, and remain present in our form, within the particles of Earth we have borrowed for temporary inhabitance.

For me it is a reality that stone and crystal beings are much further along in their spiritual evolution than we humans are.  For me it is a truth that they who are coming into contact with the human world are doing so by choice, and that they who wish to work in partnership with us are finding us, and we them.  And too, that these crystal-human partnerships assist both partners in unfoldment beyond our wildest dreams – or at least INTO them!  I cherish the opportunities Zaba and I have to facilitate that unfoldment and the coming together of human and crystal beings.  It is none other than the power of heart that draws us tighter – humans to humans, humans to crystal, and it is even what draws our spirits into the matter of our bodies – our longing to commune, connect, remember and adore this Earthy journey while we can.  We are light beings, and we are matter.  We are light, entering matter, awakening it to so much possibility.

If you are curious, and feel drawn to pick up a stone or crystal, follow your intuition: it is your greatest gift on your personal discovery of The Power of Heart. Your heart.  The power of your own heart is in its innate knowledge that it is not separate from the Heart of the Cosmos, of God, Goddess, Nature…  The Divine, by any name you can imagine — you are not, nor can you ever truly be, separate from this.

Zaba and I wish for you the manifestation of a body so vibrant that the Great Goddess could dance her wild dances of passion through it; a heart so feeling, expressive and communicative that the Buddha of Infinite Compassion could love the world through it, and a mind so pure, open and clear that the Christ looking through your eyes would see naught but Perfect Light in All.  For when it is so, so shall your own pure, bright spirit – the aspect of God that is YOU – find your vessel worthy, and enter it.  And as you live more Fully Embodying your Godself, so shall you walk as the co-creator of Heaven on Earth that we all, somewhere deep within us, remember we are.

Alternative healing facilitator, angel communicator, priestess of crystal healing and a shamanic & fine artist for over 30 years, Maya Massar leads Light-body Activation circles and one-on-one sessions in partnership with Zaba, the 96lb crystal skull, using sound, movement and art as sacred gateways to Full Embodiment. Maya is also an actress, dancer and poet.

Maya & Zaba will be on tour this fall, offering workshops across the USA including at James Tyberonn’s Earthkeeper’s 10-10-10 event in Paris, Arkansas, and at the BC Questers Fall Conference: The Power of Heart, in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada.

For more info: www.crystalzaba.webs.com

Contact Maya:  [email protected] or [email protected]

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