Free to be Peace

Free to be Peace

by Michelle Sullivan

You are a perfect reflection of God, a divine soul going through a human experience.

All is truly One, Eternal, and of Peace alone. Your soul knows this but truth is buried

beneath fearful earthly illusion of separateness, beginnings and ends, and conflict.

The purpose of life here is to uncover the truth as we move through this powerful physical illusion.

We learn more deeply about who we truly are in the midst of who we truly are not.

Earth is a most challenging school but we long to be its graduate, however hard the lessons may be, because of the tremendous payoff.

The only thing real is the love we learn in great depth here that we take with us when we leave this earth.

Learning is eternal even though we are divine perfect souls already, because perfection doesn’t mean finished.  Eternity means eternal deepening/growth of perfection, of oneness, of peace.

All is in perfect divine order every moment; there’s purposeful learning in everything, no matter how hard it may be to believe. In eternity, upon looking back on earthly life, it all makes sense.

Each person’s life path is mapped out before arriving here, but how we walk it is up to us.  Each path is unique in order to learn the most from one another.

There are two ways to walk our path during challenges:  With life or struggling against it.

Since it seems there’s much to fear here, we naturally learn to cope by fighting against scary, painful trials where we judge situations, others and ourselves as wrong.

To judge/criticize is to struggle against, is to be in emotional pain, is to say:  “You, I, it shouldn’t be this way!” (and it really isn’t this way, isn’t the truth of who we truly are)

At first all we can do is be against trials by fighting them or giving up.  At first we believe that when we do something wrong, are wronged or when challenging life events occur, the only possible response is to be upset, victims of “what shouldn’t be.”   We either fight against the wrong or flee from it (i.e., in depression) thinking “I cannot accept this!  I am/they are/it is wrong!”

Struggling is purposeful, to a point.  The powerful illusion of pain from conflict from feeling apart from one another and fearing at risk of ending is a great teacher.  The first lesson is to struggle against “what shouldn’t be,” judge it as wrong, and be upset.  However, staying in struggle against our pain keeps us stuck in it with room only for more and more turmoil inside, and what’s inside us is what we bring to others, into the world.

Our inner turmoil includes worrying about what others think of us, so we do things we should do to feel good enough.  We feel badly about the past and worry about what might happen in the future.  We judge/criticize others as wrong, feeling justified; but when others judge/criticize us, we feel wronged, not seeing we are all the same judgers!

Who we are and what IS is from/of God.  We, not God, judge that certain actions and life’s trials “shouldn’t be,” as others taught us, and as they were also taught, ever-intensifying the cycle of pain.  We are here is to break this cycle, revealing pain for the illusion it is, by experiencing God’s unconditional love in the midst of it.

The first vital step in learning to break the cycle of pain is to see what’s inside.  When upset, see what’s going on inside as if you were outside yourself looking at yourself and watch the turmoil inside rather than blindly be one with it, all-consumed in pain from telling yourself how things “shouldn’t be happening.”

Our struggle over what we think “shouldn’t be” is an inner one.  Regardless of the person or situation prompting our pain, we see we are now in a tug of war within our self over what “shouldn’t be,” stuck in pain of our own making.

Here’s the thing about others or situations prompting pain that we take on:  What others do is all about them, how they feel inside about themselves and about walking their life path:  It’s all their path to walk with God, not ours.  And the same is true for us.  The closer we feel to someone, or the more challenging the life event, the harder this is to comprehend.

We don’t make each other unhappy.  We activate, not cause, one another’s pain that’s already inside us.  We all automatically took others’ pain and challenging situations personally when young, but now we are able to see our inner struggle as entirely ours, saying:  “I hurt” instead of “they/that hurt me.”

To say:  “They/that hurt me” and “What happened was wrong” is me keeping myself in painful struggle.  But knowing “I hurt and it is” brings peace.

“They/that hurt me and is wrong” versus “I hurt and it is:”  Believing “that hurt me and is wrong” is like having a brick wall between oneself and one’s core feelings; but seeing “I hurt and what happened is” allows in true feelings that can now be truly felt instead of being covered up with defensive & offensive feelings.

Letting what is be brings peace.  We either own, accept and truly feel our hurt, moving us through it or we make it someone/thing’s fault that “shouldn’t be happening” keeping us stuck in it.  Struggling against what is is turmoil’s quicksand.  Letting what is be is peace’s free flight.

Peace is letting go and letting God.  “This shouldn’t be!” melts away, allowing in divine truth of “yet it is.”  Letting what is be is to let go of our struggle against it, which frees/releases our pain to God, thus allowing God’s peace to come to us and move us. In peace there’s no judgment, no turmoil, only peacefulness.

In peace, I’m in the flow of life.  I view what is as what is, trusting God knows the big  picture (no matter how wrong it may seem to me), knowing that whatever is ultimately teaches me more deeply of God’s peace.  To experience God’s unconditional peace is to learn to accept myself and others unconditionally too, is true forgiveness.

When peace resides where nothing but turmoil used to be, whatever is in this moment can now and only now be something better in the next moment because the peace of God decides what happens next & how it happens (peacefully), not fearful, full-of-turmoil me making things worse.

Example of “shouldn’t be” versus “it is” involving another:

The boss yells at me for doing a bad job (that was actually her fault).  I leave in a rage, totally upset, unable to work at all, with my morale plummeting OR I leave her office quietly, improve my work product, and maybe even receive an apology (but I’m peaceful regardless of any forthcoming apology).

When I see, feel and release my own fear to God, allowing in God’s peace, I’m able to accept (not necessarily agree with) others as they are too, and the outcome is always better.  If others don’t do this, they can’t possibly be there for themselves or for me and to expect otherwise is like expecting a fish to breathe air.

Example of “shouldn’t be” versus “it is” involving challenging life event:

My dear, dear loved one has disappeared in many ways since she has Alzheimer’s.  As I compare her now with who she used to be, I feel a stab in my heart, the pain growing the more she disappears OR as I interact with my loved one, I learn how to connect with her heart (that I’m able to feel in essence is the same) in ever-new ways.

Being peaceful may not always feel joyful in this situation; however, I feel closer and closer to my loved one instead of farther and farther apart as I continue returning my focus on what is and on who we truly are, keeping me in God’s peace.

Life here is either us trying to control fearful happenings ourselves, by struggling against

perceived wrongs in the attempt to feel safe, resulting in ever-increasing turmoil everywhere OR us being moved through challenges with God, knowing we’re always safe in God, resulting in ever-greater peace and ever-lessoning turmoil everywhere.

Letting it be, letting God requires the focus, courage and resolve of a warrior in battle, only this battle is within.  This entirely inner prayer with God that sees others and situations as is is all about what you allow into the world; what others do is entirely up to them.  Most won’t let go of their struggle and you can’t make them.  The more you focus on what others should do, the more turmoil they bring and the less you focus on the only person you can do anything about: You.  Your shift to “it is” does help others indirectly feel more peaceful, even though they don’t know why (but they don’t have to know).

This requires doing something completely different than ever before, entirely on one’s own with total faith in God’s peace, even while others continue to blindly judge & blame, creating nothing but ever-intensifying turmoil.

Going from human pain to God’s peace is far from easy and takes a lot of practice.  Releasing our struggle to God feels like disappearing, so accustomed to struggling against life challenges we are, and so identified with our pain from that struggle we are.  But little by little, as we gradually break free of fearful illusion revealing who we truly are, we allow in ever-deepening connection with God and with each other, allowing in ever-greater peace on earth.

Be patient with yourself.  With each challenge, see your best as perfect (as God does) while learning to let it all be there as it is, starting with yourself/where you’re at in any given moment.  This is a gradual understanding of and ability to experience an entirely different way of being from what you’ve always believed was the only way to be.  This is something you experience and once you do, you know it’s all you want to continue doing.

God, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Gandhi, Angels, Archangels, and many more beyond human judgment are always with us and want to help us.  We must remember to ask for this vital help!  We can feel so alone but God is always with us!  Experiencing earthly pain’s transformation to God’s peace is knowing that nothing tops peace beyond highs and lows, peace no matter what, peace past side-taking, peace we bring into the world thereby lessoning the world’s turmoil, peace that’s our purpose here to learn to grow so deeply.

And we are not alone even here because all is truly One.  Look into another’s eyes and know you are them, the only difference being walking a different illusionary (but oh-so-purposeful) path.

Ways to hear God more easily, allowing divine truth to guide us:  Listen to peaceful music, be in nature or a place of worship, take a relaxing bath, listen to meditation tapes, play, create (hobbies), exercise, stretch, eat and drink healthily, be with gentle people, children, animals, read inspirational books, anything peaceful that helps clear your mind of turbulent chatter and your heart of turbulent, struggled-against feelings.

Every day brings new challenges to be moved through, new opportunities to allow God’s peace to grow as it flows more and more through our oh-so-human, fearful selves into the world, allowing in more and more heaven on earth.

No End,
No Beginning either.

About the author

The truth of who we are (one, eternal peace) came to me/was one with me over 30 years ago in response to letting go of my struggle over knowing “why” for everything.  Practicing this truth is to allow in heaven on earth.

Michelle Sullivan
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