Free Healing Teleseminar Series Starts Tonight

Free Healing Teleseminar Series Starts Tonight

Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work Teleseminar Intensive

 Jennifer McLean’s Bi-Weekly Online Program Back for a Second Season with 21 Renowned Speakers

Jennifer McLean, healer, coach, speaker and author today announces the launch of Volume II of her Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work online teleseminar intensive with 21 of the leaders in new thought and wellness, including: Joe Vitale, Gregg Braden Lynne McTaggart, James Twyman, Dannion Brinkley, Eric Pearl, Dee Wallace, Janet Attwood, Sonia Choquetter, Timothy Freke and many more.

The new series is starting On Tuesday September 16, with 21 leaders in wellness and new thought sharing their personal techniques and practices they have used to achieve the life of their dreams and how their techniques in their books and programs are changing lives.

New Season Starts Tuesday, September 16- 7:00 pm Eastern, 4:00 pm Pacific Time

“Several years ago I had a dream of bringing some of my most important spiritual influences to an audience of like minded individuals. I dreamt of having one-on-one conversations with those leaders who changed my life, and introduce them to thousands more, in turn assisting those individual to discover new ways of living and growing into the next best version of themselves,” said Jennifer McLean, host of the series. “I visualized an audience who, like me, had explored, healed and evolved in many ways, and is now looking to join others to find new answers and explore deeper hidden places within and without-I have found that in this program, and so pleased to share it.”

With over 18,000 plays and downloads of the first spring program (Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work, Volume 1), Jennifer’s dream has indeed become a reality. There are over 5,000 registered for Volume II and, because of Jennifer’s relaxed, knowledgeable and caring style she uses to interview her guests as well as the caliber of guest speakers, the popularity is rising and a buzz is humming in the wellness community.
Jennifer will be having intimate conversations with these “masters” and audiences can listen in and interact with each of them every Tuesday and Thursday night from September 16  – November 25 4 PM Pacific time, 6 PM Central time and 7 PM Eastern time, all absolutely free by simply registering at

Audiences will feel as if they are sitting in on a private conversation, and they can participate in that conversation and interact with these special guests. They will be listening in and asking questions of Gregg Braden and hear him discuss The Divine Matrix and his new book The Science of Miracles revealing the scientific evidence that heart-based belief affects everything from the healing of our bodies to the atoms of our world.

They will hear from Joe Vitale, a featured teacher in The Secret and author of Zero Limits, The Attractor Factor and more than 30 other books speaking about moving from homeless to multimillionaire and now spiritual mentor and his new breakthrough system of clearing and opening to the wealth we each deserve.

They can ask of Lynne McTaggart what obstacles she had to overcome to find her way onto the New York Times bestseller list for her international best selling sensations The Intention Experiment and The Field, or ask renowned Hay House Radio personality and best selling author of 10 books Sonia Choquette about her new book and program The Answer is Simple, Love Yourself Love Your Spirit.

Audiences can hear first hand how Dannion Brinkley survived being struck by lightening and his startling adventure to the other side that brought forth his healing and psychic gifts, or hear Dr. Eric Pearl’s amazing story of the discovery of his remarkable healing abilities, The Reconnection, how his hands blistered and bled and this energy healed the unhealable.

This is a rare chance to hear, integrate and apply these stories and techniques of the many “masters” of spirituality.

While the program is free to all those who register at Jennifer is also offering the option of purchasing the full 21, one-hour calls, of each speaker, packaged in downloadable, transcript and CD versions. With the purchase speakers and partners will also be offering valuable downloadable bonus gift items.

Because of this specially priced offer, if audience members miss one of their favorite speakers during the live call, or the recording available for 48 hours after each call, they will be sure to have it; if they hear something they want to experience again they will own it; if there is a healing technique that can be done again, they can do it over and over applying it to new situations.

About Healing With The Masters – The Daily Work

Jennifer will be revealing the exact personal and private methods that today’s most influential spiritual leaders rely on each and every day to achieve their remarkable accomplishments. Through this teleseminar intensive she will bring a new understanding of the things these “masters” practiced that lead to their success, and hear first hand the stories of how they overcame personal challenges and still found their dreams. The intention is to help audience members to apply the same principles these teachers will reveal to their own lives to achieve their dreams.

About Jennifer McLean / Healing Release

Jennifer is a healer, speaker, author and entrepreneur trained in several modalities of healing including energetic and sound therapies. She was included in The Secret’s featured teacher Joe Vitale’s best selling book The Key, covering her own dialoging healing system. She is also included in the new book Who Do You Think You Are with the likes of Jack Canfield, Bob Procter and John Gray and will be included in a new Harper Collins book The Vision Board Book in the Fall of 2008. Her own book The Big Book of You is being released in October 08 to much critical acclaim. She is also the host of the popular Healing With the Masters – The Daily Work program interviewing the leaders in spirituality, healing and new thought., [email protected],

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