Fortitude by 40

Fortitude by 40

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by Kortne Long

Forty is a significant number. Its prevalence and meaning differ among the various spiritual practices and religions of the world. It is known to be a number symbolic of rebirth or restoration after a period of trials, tribulation, or the end of a process.

I have held on to the divinity within me through my first 39 years, despite unsolicited touching in childhood, which led me to blindly create and re-create other traumas later in life. In spite of all this, or maybe even because of it, I have sought and fought to see the silver lining.

Although I am only 39, I savor the splendor that is my life. I am unbelievably excited about the next chapter! I have found my purpose! I am the founder and (future) executive director of, Daughters of Duafe, an inter-generational mentoring group for women and girls.  It is an organization dedicated to women’s mentorship without the limitations of ageism. My school and community center will follow, though not necessarily in that order.

You may wonder, who am I to make these wondrous and prolific proclamations? I am a child of the Most High, endowed with the gift of choice.  I can and do choose to create whatever I undoubtedly claim, and believe that I deserve.

The most significant exposure to this belief came around ten years ago. A spiritual teacher recognized something in me that inspired her to lend me the book, Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. Another guide gave me Practicing the Presence by Joel Goldsmith. These and other encounters I perceived as the universe’s confirmation of my life’s direction and scope. Other books on New Age Thought, or finding myself at various Unity congregations began to be regular occurrences. I read Lessons in Living by Susan Taylor. I watched Oprah. At the time she had Iyanla Vanzant on the show frequently. It was a profound point in my development. Everywhere I turned there was more information, more confirmation, more guidance. I realized the power of my creative imagination. Truly, whatever you believe you can achieve. So, in that spirit, I will share an abbreviated version of my lessons thus far.

1.       Imagine it! Believe it! Take action (of some kind)! Receive it!

Skyscrapers were a vision in someone’s head before they ever could exist in the physical realm, but they didn’t build themselves.  Be detailed about your vision. As a result of achieving it, how would your life change?  What would your life look, smell, and feel like if your desire manifests? Imagine the result of having the object. It’s better to start off with one thing at a time, preferably something small. What is the crux of your desire? It’s not the money, it’s what the money can provide.

Imagine your needs met in the way you see fit, while being grateful and certain that what you seek or something better will manifest. Remember to remain open to the something better part. That way, you allow the universe to bless you with the abundance it has to bear. Work to achieve your goals with the firm belief that it will result positively. You cannot wish harm or       ill will toward others. Keep the goal ever before your mind’s eye, and watch it manifest.

2.       Be Grateful!

Create a gratitude journal. Write down your goals, it makes them more realistic. Add pictures, doodles, artwork, words, or whatever positive energy you see fit. Remain convinced and grateful. You can meditate quietly daily, or however often you see fit. Don’t beg. Be appreciative of what you already have, who you already are. The more positive energy you give, the more you’ll get.

3.       Seek it! Read it! Be it.

Know that you are worthy and practice telling yourself as much.

Time will be your measure of success. Don’t fret. Stay positive. What’s for you is for you. The bounty of life is (y)ours. Call it by name and it has no choice but to come.

Kortne Long is a single mother of a teenage son, and a 5th year Special Education teacher, grades 6-8, in Missouri City, TX.

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