Following Your Inner Voice

Following Your Inner Voice

by Paul Hudon

As we begin to explore our inner selves, there is a realization of many voices within our minds. These voices speak to us all day, everyday, many times it is a challenge to silence them. This is one of the reasons that meditation can be difficult for some people. One of the more powerful voices would be the voice of negative self talk, which would also include the voice of self doubt. Experiencing these negative, self destructive voices could keep a person from experiencing the life they truly desire.

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Buried underneath these powerful voices is our true voice. The reason for using “true” is because many people confuse their true inner voice with their negative self talk. The true inner voice is the voice that will only speak with love and compassion. The true inner voice will also guide us to what is truly right for us at all times. There will never be words spoken that advise one to cause harm to themselves or any other being. Many may experience their true inner voice as a gut feeling, intuition, or instincts, others may hear a gentle voice. This is the voice that can be trusted to direct us to what is truly right for us. Through a desire to clear the mind in mediation, many people disregard the guidance that is spoken when the mind is finally cleared of negative self talk.

Your true inner voice will speak to you in ways that are unique to you, the challenge may be to find this quiet voice that has always been within you. Once this voice is heard, trust must be built in the messages that it is speaking to you. As trust grows, so will your confidence in asking any question that is important to you, these answers will be your true inner guidance. You may begin by simply asking yourself, this or that, left or right, as you pay attention to your decision and the outcome of your choice, you will begin to see which answer was best. Though this may seem rather simple, trust that as your confidence grows so will the intensity of your questions. You will find that there is no subject that is off limits when it comes to asking your inner voice for guidance.

Many times your inner voice will be spoken through your emotions. We have all felt joy and fear, each of these emotions can be seen as guidance spoken through your inner voice. As you learn to ask yourself, why am I feeling these emotions, you will begin to react to the situation with confidence. When you are feeling fear you know that you should move to a better feeling place, whether it is emotionally or physically. Experiencing joy would be telling you that you are on the right track, and what you are doing is inline with your true desires. Often people think that their emotions are reactions to the events of life, in some cases this is true, though it is also important to see your emotions as guidance spoken through your true inner voice. Any emotion that is positive and loving is telling you that where you are, either, emotionally or physically is the right place for you at that time. Negative emotions are telling you that you may need to stop where you are and begin to focus on finding a more positive place within yourself.

It is also important to realize that you true inner voice only speaks through positive emotions. When you are experiencing any negative emotion you have disconnected yourself from this positive flow of guidance. If you begin to experience a negative emotion this is a signal that you are no longer in touch with your true inner voice. From this negative place you are not allowing your true guidance to be heard or followed.

Negative self talk, as well as the negative opinions of other people can be powerful blocks when it comes to experiencing your true inner voice. It may be beneficial for you to sift through what you hear within your mind and ask, is this true or not? Ask this question, then allow the true answer to come from deep within yourself. Many times an answer may come quickly that agrees with your negative self talk or the negative opinions of others. These answers are the results of the almost constant focus upon the negative thoughts that you may think about yourself and those around you. The true answer to any question that you ask yourself will always come from deep within you and it will also be filled with love and compassion, this love is your self love.

Your true inner voice speaks to you through its love for you, your self love. As you become more comfortable asking for guidance and then trusting the answer, your self love will also build.   There is no separation between your inner voice and your self love. As you learn to trust one, the other also builds within you. As you learn to hear the guidance and then follow its loving advice, your life will change in ways that at one time were unobtainable to you because of your past beliefs.

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As I was learning to follow my true inner voice I would ask the simplest questions, should I take the highway or the back way, to town? Though this may sound too ordinary, many times when I doubted the guidance and went in a different direction, I would find myself stuck in traffic. I would then remember that the guidance advised me to take the other way. Though this may sound very basic, I could see the connection between asking the question and the end result. I then began to ask more personal questions, the ones that I would ask a trusted friend, but none were around. Again, I could see where I deviated from the guidance and the end result. I could also examine where I followed the guidance and the experience was better than I would have thought. Yes, sometimes the guidance seems illogical, but then I remember that my inner voice only speaks its love for me. I have learned that my inner voice only has my best interest as its main concern. I have such trust in my true inner voice that now I do not question its loving guidance. What is amazing is that I experience many events that would not have come to be had I disregarded the guidance.

My advice to experiencing your true inner voice, would be to sift through your negative self talk, as well as the negative opinions of other people. Become comfortable with asking yourself “is this true or right for me?” Then from this place you will quickly replace these negative thoughts with true self loving guidance, spoken through your inner voice.

About the author:

Paul Hudon lives in a high valley in the mountains of Colorado where he and his wife farm flower for their floral business. Through his desire for more Spirituality within his life, Paul became aware of his ability to channel a Higher Consciousness, which he calls his inner voice. Paul is a member of the Northern Colorado Writers Group and shares the wisdom of his inner voice at

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