Feminine Intuition—Your Power To Know What’s Really Going On

Feminine Intuition—Your Power To Know What’s Really Going On

There was a time, back in days now lost in the fog of prehistory, when Woman didn’t need oracles to predict her future or reveal what was going on behind her back. She didn’t worry about what might happen, and she didn’t fret about what to do. She didn’t need to. She hadn’t been taught to doubt her Self. She hadn’t been taught to dismiss her Intuition. She hadn’t been taught to disregard her own Knowing. Back then, women didn’t need oracles because every Woman was an Oracle.And she knew it.

Back then, it was obvious that Woman had a direct connection to Divinity. She was, after all, created in the image and likeness of the Great Goddess. She need only be still and ask, for every answer to be given her. That’s just how it was. She was Feminine, and her Femininity made her Powerful. She had Woman’s feelings, instincts, intuition and senses. She intuitively Knew everything she needed to know.

And everyone knew that she Knew.

Women today still have a direct link to Divinity. They still have access to all Knowing, and they still need only ask to receive the answer. Woman’s inherent sensitivity and abilities remain as they have always been. Her intuitive link to all Knowing remains just as it was created within her. The only thing that has changed over the last six millennia is that Woman no longer knows that she Knows.

For six thousand long years, Woman has been told many tales about who and what she is. She’s heard many myths about her supposed nature, needs and purpose, many lies about her capabilities and value, or purported lack thereof. But not a word has changed the truth of what Woman really is. Not a word has altered her innate powers in even the slightest way.

What has changed is Woman’s perception of herself, of her abilities and value. Subordinated by the world’s societies, subjugated by its laws, and denounced by its religions, Woman struggled to simply survive. She’s been adrift in a world that attacked her body, limited her legal rights, denied her talents, ignored her intuition, dismissed her value, and scorned her femininity as “weak.” No longer aware of what Womanhood is, she lost touch with her own inner Knowing. She lost touch with the Power of her divine Femininity. She began to believe what they told her.

But it wasn’t always that way, and it doesn’t have to be that way now. Women are reclaiming their Power. They’re turning to many tools—oracles, angels, psychics, meditation, divinatory tools and teachers of all kinds—to guide them back to their Intuitive Knowing. But what’s the source of that intuitive hit? Who or what sends it into our awareness?

Oracles, Angels, Spirit Guides—by whatever name we call them, we call upon them when we need Answers, when we need to know what they Know. But why are these Invisible Assistants there for us? What can we learn from them? And how do we know we can trust the counsel we get?

In turning to Spirit for guidance, you are, of course, accessing the highest part of your Self—your Spirit that is a part of All That Is. But until your conscious communion with Divinity is once again intact and the Knowing freely flowing, you will also be interacting with those devoted Beings who have agreed to advise and guide your soul through its bodily adventures in this life. You can call them by any name you like: angels, guardians, guides, God, Goddess, or even Samantha, if you wish. They don’t care what you call Them, for They’ve evolved far beyond any attachment to a name. They work as a collective and have no ego to care.

Whatever you call Them (and we’ll use “Guides” here only because it best describes Their role), They’ll be your most steadfast supporters and wisest advisors, the best friends you’ll ever have. If you call, They will answer. They’ll be with you every moment of your life. They are there to guide you away from pain and toward your soul’s delight.

Your Guides know you. They know your hopes and dreams, your fears and wounds, your present level of awareness and every aspect of your temperament. They’ll select the clearest avenue possible to communicate with you. They may use oracles or tarot cards, books or music, sudden insights or bodily sensations, colors or sounds, the chance remark of a passing stranger or the lyrics of a song that keeps running through your head. They’ll use Whatever Works.

The details They reveal about what lies ahead or what’s going on behind your back are, of course, important in your daily decision-making, but equally important is understanding why They’re giving you that information. So remember this: Your Guides are at your side to help you have the experiences you came to life to have.

But They will never tell you what to do, for that would insult your intelligence and violate your Free Will. There are no shoulds, musts or have-tos in Their realm, nor would any entity of the Light ever attempt to impose their will upon you. Your Guides will always honor the fact that the Choicemaker in your life is You. And choose you do, in every situation you encounter on the stage of your life. In every moment of your day, you make choices about whether to do this or that, to say “yes” or “no,” to participate or withdraw, to speak or remain silent, to take this path or that one.

You came to this Theater of Life to make choices, and to see how those choices work out. There are no “right” or “wrong” choices. Your soul’s satisfaction is the only goal, and you are the only one who decides if the results of your choices are “good” or “bad.” Your Guides want you to have all the information you need to make informed choices.

So, with your soul’s goals in mind, your Guides may offer a new perspective or suggest options you hadn’t thought of. They’ll remind you of your Purpose. And They’ll definitely help you remember who you truly are, what you intended, and all that you can do. Your remembrance of this is your real Power, the only kind you need and the only kind you can never lose.

Receiving Their messages requires only your willingness and an avenue through which They can communicate with you. Oracles are one such avenue, and are rightly valued for their clarity, but know that your Guides will use any avenue that gets Their message through.

You need not fear Their judgment, for They have nothing but admiration for your courage in coming to this planet. They know that being in a body isn’t easy. They know the world’s dramas make it easy to forget who you are, to forget what you came for and all that you Know. They understand that life here is full of concrete needs and material concerns. And they know that the world’s illusions are sometimes—maybe even often—frightening. They know how easy it is to forget that the Game of Life is just a game; that there is, indeed, really nothing to fear. They understand How It Is here. They understand how you feel. Most of all, They love you, and want you to find comfort in that Love.

So call upon Them by whatever name you please. Let Them show you how to open your inner Sight to discern the character and intentions of those around you. Ask Them to show you a Way Out of problems you’ve given up hope of ever resolving.

Most importantly, let Them show you capabilities and powers that you’ve forgotten you possess. Let Them guide you back to your True Femininity—the powerful femininity your soul knows, not the feeble image of it the world tries to limit you to. Let Them help you reclaim the Powers and Confidence that are your birthright as a Woman. And, above all, enjoy yourself while you create the life you came to have.

That’s why They’re at your side.

©2007 Gayle Goldwin. Excerpted from WomanSpirit Oracles: Wisdom of the Ancients, Solutions For Today. Gayle Goldwin is on a mission to redefine contemporary images of “femininity” and help women become the powerful, confident goddesses they were born to be. When not channeling new Messages from the illumined Beings who direct her work, she works with women who want to get in touch with their own Guides so they can get the answers they need to create the lives of Love and Joy they deserve. http://www.WomanSpiritOracles.com

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