Feel the Vibes: How to Become a Successful Psychic

Feel the Vibes: How to Become a Successful Psychic

by Joanne Brocas

Ghostly Vibes and Hauntings

To become a successful psychic you need to be able to trust your vibes to have an awareness and understanding of the paranormal. This is a very important part of psychic development and is often ignored because of fear of the unknown. Fear is just a lack of understanding about something and so by introducing knowledge on this subject the fear will dissolve. Paranormal activity is that which cannot be explained by rational or scientific evidence and we are now going to explore the paranormal aspect of psychic development. The reasons why it is important to have a concept and grasp of the paranormal is, to first know when you come across it and also how to deal with it along with the main reason and that is for protection. Here I am going to explain all about ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night as well as the darker side of evil spirits and possession. My husband and I have personally dealt with exorcisms and clearing haunted houses of ghostly inhabitants.

Ghostly goings on happen all over the world and some ghost hunters claim to have caught real ghostly images on camera. Although this is fascinating, there is for more to it than trying to catch a glimpse of a ghost. First of all you need to understand what a ghost actually is as there are many different kinds of spirit activity. Ghosts are residual energy and can be likened to tape recordings, an event caught in time and re-played over and over again usually always in the same location. A traumatic moment in time will leave its energy print (vibes) as an impression on the building or area – re-playing itself for eternity to those who are sensitive enough to the energy vibrations. You cannot communicate with these ghosts because they are just a picture in the ether and have no consciousness.

The reason they leave such an imprint in time is because the event was traumatic enough to create great emotion causing residual energy to form. These ghostly imprints can be anything from ‘soldiers’ appearing in an area where a great battle commenced, to a beheaded figure floating down the hall of a castle. Obviously there are other situations where ghostly imprints have been left, and maybe you know of a ghost story or two from the area you live. Remember that ghosts cannot hurt you because they do not exist; they have long gone to the spirit world. There are also anniversary ghosts and these appear as their name suggests, on the anniversary of its demise and tragic passing. These appear the same time every year catching a glimpse of the past, a piece of history in the making. What you need to remember is this, if you come across a ghost that does not communicate with you then you can be sure it is residual energy left behind and not an actual spirit.

Actual spirits that can communicate with psychic mediums and who have not crossed over to the spirit world are called earthbounds. These earthbound spirits are still attached to the physical plane for a number of reasons that we will explore here, including the free will of the spirit to do as it pleases. If we look at films that Hollywood has made to find an example of an earthbound spirit, the film called ‘Ghost’ with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze shows the truth of what an earthbound is. The character that Patrick Swayze plays called ‘Sam’ is walking along the street with ‘Molly’, Demi Moore’s character, when they are mugged. In the struggle Sam gets shot and falls to the floor in Molly’s arms where he dies. Unbeknownst to Sam that he has died, he carries on running after his mugger up the road until he turns to look back at Molly seeing her crying over someone in the road. Sam looks closer and sees the person she is crying over is actually himself, and he comes to the conclusion he must be dead. This is a shock for Sam because he feels alive and perceives himself to be alive but notices he is away from his physical body. As he comes to this conclusion the most beautiful light appears for him to enter to take him to the spirit world. Sam makes the decision with his free will not to enter the light as he is angry about his death and wants to stay with Molly. This decision has resulted in him becoming earthbound because he has unfinished business with the material world. If you have not seen this film it is a great film to watch to help you understand more about the other side; millions of people across the world would have had their minds opened to the possibility of life after death through watching it.

An excerpt from Joanne’s forthcoming book from the chapter six, on ‘Ghostly Vibes and Hauntings’.

Joanne Brocas is a Professional Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Healer who regularly appears on television and radio with her spiritual work. Joanne teaches her ‘Psychic Vibes Development Courses’ throughout the UK and America and gives demonstrations of mediumship in theatres and halls alongside her husband, also a Psychic Medium, helping to provide the evidence and belief in life after death. Her first book, ‘Feel the Vibes’, a psychic development book by O’Books, is due out July ’08. To contact Joanne you can visit her website – www.joannebrocas.com

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