February Message from the Faeries

February Message from the Faeries

by Diomira D’Agostino

This month marks the one year anniversary of our Faery Messages, and so it is a sort of homecoming. I want to thank you for being open and willing to receive. These messages have been a blessing to many including me. Oftentimes I, too, have something to learn from the message the faeries share with us. Even if it is some subject matter I think I already know, I realize there are always deeper levels to understand. So again my gratitude goes out to all of you for being willing to open your hearts and allow for an exploration of co-creative partnership with Nature.

The message that they share this month is very interesting. Several years ago I learned a beautiful healing technique called Rebirthing or Sacred Breathwork. It is only now after hearing their message that I see that even this beautiful modality is in alignment with Faery Light, and what we do here. I am again inspired in seeing another way in which everything is really connected, and working together for good.

Breathing with the Faeries

During the month of February romantic images tend to well up from deep within, and one tends to relish matters of the heart. Regardless of how commercial Valentine’s Day is, we can all agree that any amount of time dedicated to contemplation of the heart can’t be all bad. Last February was our first faery message and the faeries spoke about the heart being the ultimate ‘tween place because it is where spirit and matter merge into oneness. The heart is the home of heaven on earth, as it is the meeting place of the lower and upper chakras.

The faeries explain that the heart is an important focus and so this month we shall be reminded of that through working with the breath. The breath and the heart are one. The breath connects the inner to the outer. The focus should always begin within, but we cannot forget the outer. If we were only meant to interact with the inner planes of light we would not have embodied after all. We are meant to integrate the two, and revel in oneness. When we create we should start within the heart instead of reaching outside of ourselves. This is why a God that only exists outside of us feels incomplete. We must start to come into relationship with the God within, and only then can we truly know ourselves. The faeries know this at the core of their being. They walk in this interconnected way – knowing that every aspect of themselves is connected to everything else.

The Breath is living energy that moves through all life. Through the breath we can connect our inner and outer worlds. Through the breath we can move into our hearts. The breath is manifold. It acts in many ways. It is a purification process whereby we may cleanse and clear all that no longer serves us. In this way we may create space for the light to enter in and fill us. Light activates the heart. The breath connects the inner and the outer, but it also connects us one to the other. It connects us to all of creation, for all of creation is BREATHING. We need only to breathe together. Even nonphysical beings and advanced beings breathe. They may not have need of breathing oxygen, but they breathe life force or pranic energy. The faeries breathe, and they would like us to breathe with them.

Breathwork Meditation:

Close your eyes. Begin to breathe rhythmically. Bring your attention to your heart. As you inhale see or feel the breath moving into your heart like a stream of light. As you exhale, see a stream of love-light moving out to share with the world. Continue with this process for several breaths. Your heart is breathing, and connecting you with the universe. Notice as you breathe out, the exhaled light becomes more and more concentrated until it enshrouds you like a mist. As the mist subsides you see you are in a sacred oak grove. Around you there appear to be a group of beings seated in a circle, of which you are a part. These are the faeries of this sacred grove, and they have welcomed you. Take your attention back to your heart, and to the breath that it breathes. Notice that through this breath you are connected heart to heart to each and every faery here. What’s more is that you realize you are connected to every living thing within this grove through the breath – the trees, the grass, the flowers, the rocks. With intention feel yourself breathing in harmony with the faeries. Feel yourself breathing in harmony with the trees. You are all breathing, one breath, one heart. Living light. With love and gratitude the grove begins to fade. Feel yourself coming back to your space back in the chair or on the floor, wherever you began.

Through the breath, you can connect to all of life. Through the heart we are all One.

Upcoming Events and more…

Storytelling Evening
Saturday, March 16th – evening (7ish)

I will be hosting a wonderful evening of Storytelling with Mary Thompson at my home. She has been performing since 1994, and has been featured at Celtic festivals, schools, private gatherings, and even business conventions throughout the country. She has 2 children’s books that will be out in May of this year.

This is what the evening will hold:

“For St. Patrick’s Day, I would like to tell tales of Enchantment. How the faeries came to be, the story of a bad little faery who had to grow up, my personal encounter with an Elvin Lord, some tales from King Arthur, and perhaps a little bit of nonsense involving a rooster mixed in for good measure.” — M. Thompson

It is going to be wonderful fun. I will announce further details a little closer, but it will be an evening thing. Please RSVP to me and let me know you are interested as space is limited. 404-789-4823

Please bring some snacks to share. I will provide an endless cup of tea. ;-)

Mary will have magical faery dwellings/houses with her that she has handcrafted herself for sale after storytelling.

Upcoming Workshop

TBA – looking like early April. Please let me know if you are interested.

Healings by appointment Mondays and Thursdays:

Faery Light, Breathwork, Inner Light, Reiki.

Call me to schedule: 404-789-4823

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