February Channeled Messages from Haniel and Hannah

February Channeled Messages from Haniel and Hannah

Wendy Stokes has channeled two messages for New Age Journal readers for the month of February.

I am Haniel, Lover of the rose and all that portrays the beauty of nature. I am Haniel, Angel of the planet known as the Morning and Evening Star that shines beside your moon and delights all who see it. I am Haniel, Ruler of Netzach, the heavenly realm that provides patience and fortitude. I am Haniel, the Joybringer, Master of the month of December and I bring festive greetings to your door. I am Haniel, Archangel and Commander of the ranks of Principalities and Virtues. I rally my angelic troops to lead nations towards integrity and responsibility. My wings surround your planet and I touch your forehead with a feather to transmit my blessings to assist you to make the barren wastes blossom with peace and justice.


It seems like yesterday to me. I was there, were you? A girl who was hardly 14 years of age was engaged to a much older man but became pregnant prior to marriage, an offence in those days that carried the death penalty for her. Stoning, a horrendous death! She told the chief priests a story that an angel appeared to her with a message that she had been specially chosen to be the mother of the saviour of this world! She was very fortunate, her betrothed was a kind man and saved her life by marrying her. Within months, in the final stages of this, her first pregnancy, she suffered the immense danger of a long donkey ride with her husband to travel across the landscape to pay hefty taxes to an oppressive, occupying nation. When they arrived, all the hostels were full and the labouring mother lay down to bear her baby in a cold, dark cave where animals seek shelter. She placed the self-delivered infant in a manger, a basin into which animal food is placed. This infant grew to be one of the greatest healers and teachers this world has known. He was tortured and died on a cross, killed by the priests who wanted to stone his mother. As you prepare to come to your table this season, consider the words of this man: “Do unto others as you would be done by”.

Hannah, Mother of Mary

Wendy Stokes is the author of: The Lightworkers’ Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups which is published internationally by O Books and is available on Amazon. http://www.wendystokes.co.uk/

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