Exploring Past Lifetimes: Five Things You May Not Know

Exploring Past Lifetimes: Five Things You May Not Know

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By Ann C. Barham, M.A., LMFT, CPLT

New Age Journal readers are undoubtedly familiar with the concept of reincarnation — the premise that we are spiritual beings expressing in different human bodies over multiple lifetimes. Across these lifetimes, we learn lessons and work toward mastering the human experience. This expands our soul’s repertoire and gives us the opportunity to manifest divine energies in physical form on the planet. It’s a pretty common understanding for “New Age” folk.

Many of us may not realize, however, the potential that lies hidden within the memories of our prior lifetimes. There are many rich opportunities to mine precious gems of insight, wisdom and enduring change by more closely exploring and processing your past life experiences. I’ve been helping clients do that for almost twenty years in my practice as a professional past life therapist.

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A key element of past life depth work is the fact that these memories are coming directly from you, the client; you’re not being told about them by a psychic or intuitive, you are re-experiencing your own memories. Psychics and intuitives certainly have their place, but their input rarely parallels parallels the the effectiveness of past life therapy as an instrument of change. The latter brings a powerfully-felt-knowing that is different than an intellectual understanding of your past life experiences that may come from being told by a psychic.

Here are five things you may not realize about the power of unlocking and working with your past life memories.

Vast Areas of Impact

Experiences from our past lives impact us in powerful ways, usually outside our conscious awareness. These experiences can be helping or hindering us in a myriad of ways. Unresolved trauma, unexpressed emotions, energy that became blocked or stuck in a prior lifetime often manifest in our current life. This can be seen in our relationship dynamics, physical attributes and health challenges, emotional issues like depression, guilt or anxiety, ability to find success professionally or financially, self-confidence and belief, fears and phobias (public speaking, for instance).

Our ability to feel connected spiritually, talents and abilities we come by ‘naturally,’ and even our life purpose this time around are typically related to past life experiences — as are the people we feel most closely connected to. All of these can be explored and built upon.

Organic, Enduring Path to Change

Uncovering these memories are easier than you think when working with a professional past life therapist. They’re actually closer to the surface than many people expect. Addressing the unfinished business from a prior lifetime and working with the issues on a deep level, can be a path to organic and enduring change in your current life. Clients of past life therapy report that they resolve long-standing issues that have resisted more conventional approaches — sometime including years of conventional therapy — usually in a single session. And in most cases we do not have to launch into a typical ‘self improvement’ project to engender and/or cement the change. Since we are working at a deep level, the changes usually flow organically without conscious effort, and they are typically permanent.

Profound Spiritual Experience

As part of our past life work, we are often able to access levels of spiritual guidance that are difficult even for the experienced meditator to access on their own.  I describe it as similar to having a ‘virtual’ near death experience (NDE), which doesn’t require a life-threatening illness or accident. Instead, we virtually experience the death in the prior lifetime, and connect with spiritual realms, loved ones who have passed in this life, and higher guidance to assist us in the current life. Many clients report having completely lost their fear of death after a past life session, having had a deeply felt experience of their eternal existence that transcends intellectual understanding of this reality. The spiritual guidance that comes through may be on the level of universal wisdom, or it may be very specific to situations the client is facing in his or her current life at the moment.

Cultivating Talents and Abilities

By connecting to our personalities from prior lifetimes, we can often bring forward and enhance talents and abilities we have developed in the past.  I have had many clients who ask for my assistance in tapping into their creative abilities as artists, writers or musicians. One very fun aspect of this work is we can actually connect with a prior self that can serve as a mentor in handling issues in our current life. For example, one client who was having some personnel troubles in her entrepreneurial fashion business was able to connect with a prior personality as a very successful businessman in the 1920s in the New York garment industry, as well as a sea captain who was a strong and respected leader of his crew. This client found that she could call upon these prior personalities for input and guidance in her current situation.

Promoting Tolerance

A wider acceptance of the reality of prior lifetimes can serve as a great equalizer in our current global society. As more people embrace the possibility of having lived prior lives as very different personalities, holding varying political and religious beliefs, being of different races, nationalities, gender and sexual orientation than we might be now, we can increase our acceptance and tolerance of those different than ourselves, encouraging us to embrace and celebrate our diversity. This is sorely needed in the United States today, as well as in the world at large. It is my hope that a growing awareness of the realities of past lives will help us move forward in positive, loving directions on our planet.

About the author:

ann barhamAnn C. Barham, M.A., LMFT, CPLT – Author of The Past Life Perspective: Discovering Your True Nature Across Multiple Lifetimes, Ann Barham is a California licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and an internationally certified Past Life Therapist. Barham has studied with some of the world’s preeminent practitioners of past life therapy, including Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Roger Woolger (now deceased), and has developed her own, integrated approach over the past 20 years. She has appeared on CBS’s The Doctors TV show, George Noory’s Beyond Belief on GaiaTV, and numerous radio and speaking engagements. Visit her website at www.pastlives.org.




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