European Scientists Accept Feng Shui

European Scientists Accept Feng Shui

The European academic environment is now acknowledging Scientific Feng Shui (also known in other countries as Traditional, Classic, Authentic and Imperial Feng Shui) as a vital part of Environmental Sustainability with a dedicated congress. One of their first steps in doing this is by inviting one of Italy’s most famous and internationally known Feng Shui Master Consultants, Simona F. Mainini, Dr. Arch., to represent her adopted home, the United States, to present a talk on “Applying Feng Shui Today”.

For the first time in Europe, Scientific Feng Shui and Environmental Sustainability will be discussed in the light of both Oriental and Western knowledge of architecture, design, and town planning over a ground-breaking, three day, academic congress in Turin, Italy. From September 19-21, 2008 Masters of Feng Shui from all over the world, architects, designers, and city planners will closely study the techniques employed for centuries in the Far East and compare them to the modern discipline of Environmental Sustainability. Their “mission” is to create an international platform for the diffusion of a culture of quality living — which would combine the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui with Western knowledge — and they hope to extend this concept to eventually involve all five continents in the process of redesigning our global future. The event has received the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of International Cultural Cooperation, and the Piedmont Region, Province and City of Turin.

Dr. Simona Mainini has been a global pioneer in combing the field of Scientific Feng Shui and Architecture for over ten years with the company she founded, Feng Shui for Architecture, in Beverly Hills, CA. Since 1997 she has gained worldwide praise and recognition for becoming one of the top names in her field as well as a highly sought-after speaker. Last November she was the first and only U.S. representative to be a keynote speaker for the International Feng Shui Convention in Singapore. She was also hired by Canon Europe to do a comprehensive report on the effects of using Scientific Feng Shui to reduce office stress and rage which is now available on-line to the public, and her consulting services for the Golden Monkey Exhibits at the Los Angeles Zoo (the first animal enclosure designed following classical Feng Shui principles), has kept Dr. Mainini in the international media spotlight since her company’s inception in 1997. For more information, please visit

The “First International Congress on Scientific Feng Shui and Built Environment” will be held at the Turin’s Polytechnic (Politecnico di Torino) in Turin, Italy. This great industrial district of Italy, rich in both culture and charm, is currently at the forefront of the world stage as the World Design Capital for 2008. The attending delegates will gain scientific knowledge of how the practice of Feng Shui is an essential instrument in the establishment of balance between environment and nature and environment and man.

Those expected to attend are Feng Shui enthusiasts, estate agents, architects, city planners, property developers, interior designers, engineers, home owners, HR managers, entrepreneurs, persons involved in Feng Shui products, members of management corporations, persons involved in property and facilities management, as well as other Feng Shui practitioners and consultants.

Dr. Mainini is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Excerpts from Dr. Mainini’s presentation are available at

For more information about the congress or how you can attend to see Dr. Mainini in person, please visit

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