Energy healing website launched by Deborah King

Energy healing website launched by Deborah King

Deborah King, a New York Times best-selling author and a global icon in the field of energy healing, is excited to announce the launch of an all-new website devoted to energy medicine,

Deborah King’s new website is the latest inspirational project to be developed by the popular speaker, author, and on-air TV personality. Devoted to encouraging people around the world to heal, thrive, and grow, the site offers a vast new selection of free content to users.

Deborah’s warm and compassionate message of spiritual hope has been developed over nearly three decades of study and professional practice. Now, a wealth of free content will offer the practical advice, tools and training readers need to achieve powerful personal transformations.

Deborah King’s engaging, passionate take on how to apply ancient energy healing techniques to modern life has connected deeply with the public. Deborah is a regular guest speaker on prime time network news shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, as well as popular entertainment programming like Access Hollywood and E! Entertainment Television. Her growing social media presence reaches more than 180,000 Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers, and incorporates appearances on spirituality-themed web venues like Gaiam TV and Veria.

Heal: Deborah King’s New York Times best-selling book, Be Your Own Shaman, has already inspired millions to heal their own lives with the power of energy, courage, and personal truth. Now, visitors to will find the tools they need to continue that journey, healing from past trauma, abuse, addictions, and emotional pain.

Thrive: Deborah’s call to compassionate self-empowerment encourages thriving in all parts of life. Her spiritual guidance and practical training opens the door to reaching and exceeding career goals, allowing more love and intimacy in, looking great, feeling wonderful, and leading a happy and fulfilling life.

Grow: The dynamic coursework, informative blogs, and interactive community experience found at the website motivates readers to grow into their potential as creative, loving, and intuitive beings. Deborah’s students learn how to put dreams into action, by tapping into deep universal wisdom. Understanding the use of energy is the key.

“The capacity for energy healing resides within. With practice and training, we can reawaken these innate abilities,” says Deborah King. “I am excited about the launch of our new website and the opportunity to spread our message of healing to millions around the globe.”

Deborah is currently working on her next book, a definitive guide to energy healing, which addresses the awakening of consciousness that is taking place in the world today and will be an enlightening resource for those who want to learn to heal themselves, seek enlightenment or become energy healers.

For more information on Deborah King, visit, or contact Valerie Allen, info(at)valerieallenpr(dot)com.

About Deborah King
After a cancer diagnosis interrupted her successful career as a young attorney, a full remission at the hands of an energy healer showed Deborah the power of energy medicine firsthand. Inspired to share this vision with people all over the world, Deborah embarked upon the journey of a lifetime, writing the New York Times best-selling Be Your Own Shaman: Heal Yourself and Others with 21st-Century Energy Medicine. Now, her groundbreaking online classes and celebrated blogs and public appearances inspire people around the world to embrace a message of hope. A cultivated understanding of energy medicine affords the possibility to let go of old pain and welcome a joyful future, allowing us to heal, thrive, and grow. For more information on Deborah King, visit

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