Empowerment and Awakening Intensive Announced for Sedona in June, 2016

Empowerment and Awakening Intensive Announced for Sedona in June, 2016

The next Sedona Weekend Intensive for Empowerment and Awakening will be held June 16-19 2016. Following the success of the March 2016 retreat, this powerful Weekend Intensive allows participants another chance to immerse themselves in coursework and experiential modules that cover a wide range of topics, from shamanic wisdom and land energies to sacred ceremonies and working with the elements, plus many more advanced courses for facilitators, healers and other wellness services practitioners who may want to expand their services and deepen their understanding of spiritual and energy practices.

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During the retreat participants will explore and learn tools and practices for healthy relationships, chakra balancing, how to achieve a higher and stronger spiritual connection, tuning into and working with spiritual guides, practical tips for achieving and maintaining vibrant health, balancing the inner divine feminine & divine masculine, effective meditation practices and so much more.

The June retreat will be held once again in the spectacular Red Rocks and energy vortexes of Sedona, Arizona and includes 10 essential Courses for Empowerment and Awakening which provide fundamental tools and perspectives for living a balanced and vibrant life. This retreat is specifically designed to support people who are feeling off-balance, lost or frustrated in their lives and ready to make profound, lasting changes. Some of the workshops included are: “Clear, Balance and Awaken Your Chakras,” “Maintaining Healthy Conscious Relationships,” “Meditation Tools for Deeper Spiritual Connection,” “Maintaining Clear Boundaries,” “Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine Within” and “Vibrant Spiritual Nutrition.” The weekend intensive is packed with tools, practices and perspectives to provide mainstream audiences with simple applicable concepts for living an empowered, healthy and conscious life. With its healing vortexes and breathtaking beauty, people will find Sedona, Arizona to be the perfect backdrop for their soul-path adventures.

Those who’ve participated in the Sedona Weekend Intensive Retreat say they feel more peace of mind, focus, and even expanded consciousness from their weekend. The Retreat provides participants with tools for staying centered, finding authentic inspiration and experiencing greater clarity in their life. Participants leave with practical methods for integration and receive ongoing counseling support to address any challenges that may arise after the retreat and to mentor them in their process of implementing their newfound awareness into their everyday lives.

For those who are ready to go to the next level, Shamangelic Healing with Anahata Ananda offers a full range of private sessions to complement the group retreat experience. These alternative methods integrate mind, body and spirit in ways that mainstream approaches do not.

Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Counselor, Anahata Ananda, has trained extensively with gifted shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers from around the world in order to artfully integrate the fields of spirituality, energy healing, self-empowerment, and shamanic teachings. Her client-base spans the globe with individuals from all walks of life who are seeking to heal and awaken to their fullest potential.

The Shamangelic Healing Center is based in Sedona, Arizona. It is nestled beneath Thunder Mountain, with 360 degrees of breathtaking views, and within walking distance to a medicine wheel and healing vortexes, making it the perfect setting for healing and expansion.

Inside, the retreat center’s calm and relaxed environment helps to engage all of the senses, making it easy to settle into a session. Clients seeking Spiritual awakening, transformational healing services, counseling, sacred land journeys or training courses may choose from a wide range of options that can be tailored for the ultimate personal experience.

For those unable to attend or come to Sedona, Shamangelic Healing offers a wide range of online courses for Personal Empowerment and Spiritual Awakening.

For detailed descriptions and a calendar of more upcoming retreats, workshops, courses, and all services offered by Anahata Ananda, visit http://shamangelichealing.com/

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