An excerpt from The Transformational Truth of Tarot

by Tiffany Crosara

Apart from prediction, the second way to use the Tarot is as a mirror. Like a mirror, Tarot can reflect back to the questioner the patterns they are stuck in. More important than the power to predict, is the Tarot’s power to wake us up. Instead of looking upon what is shown as a fearsome prediction, we can look upon it as a mirror where the questioner can see and understand their patterns clearly. When we take out the fear, it becomes useful. We can raise our awareness and consciousness, which will lead to
understanding and empowerment through free will. Remember I stated earlier that the Major Arcana represented a cycle of life, it just goes round and round, like our own predictive patterning. That is the only way The Tarot predicts, if we look at it as a mirror and change ourselves the reflection will change. I also said that in order for a Tarot deck to be classed as Tarot, it has to have seventy-eight cards made up of twenty-two Major Arcana and fifty-six Minor Arcana. Well as far as I know there is one exception to the rule, which is the Osho Zen Tarot. The Osho Zen Tarot has seventy-nine cards, fifty-six of which are Minor Arcana and twenty-three are Major, which means there is an extra Major Arcana. This extra Major is called The Master. When The Master shows up in a reading, the consciousness has awakened to such a heightened level that we have freed ourselves from our current cycle, just as we will eventually escape completely from Samsara — the Buddhist word for the illusion and suffering of the world. This leads me on to one of the most commonly asked questions:

If I see something in the Tarot I can change it, right?

Yes, you can, but only if you see it clearly enough to know why it is there in the first place and truly understand that. If you don’t understand why you are behaving the way you are then your consciousness is still relatively asleep, and whilst it is asleep it will continue in the same rhythm regardless of your efforts to change it. Free will only exists when we are awake. This is where the Tarot comes into its own. If you don’t understand a particular pattern then ask the Tarot to tell you about it. If you don’t know the best way forward ask the Tarot to show you. Most people forget to ask Tarot these very fundamental questions and ask fear-loaded questions instead. Asking fear-loaded questions for reassurance just breeds disempowerment and obsessive anxieties. This is not only the case if the Tarot is mirroring the fear, but also applies if it  is mirroring the desire. Either way, it creates attachment, attachment creates imbalance, imbalance creates dis-harmony, dis-harmony creates dis-ease and dis-ease is disempowerment, a very slippery slope indeed. I wish that when pregnant at nineteen and seeing that my daughter would die, I had thought to ask why, what was causing it, and the best way forward. But instead I felt doomed, paralyzed by the fear of the prediction. Remember the Tarot doesn’t want your power, it’s you that ends up trying to give your power to the Tarot. The only way to avoid getting into a power struggle is to understand how the Tarot empowers you.

About the author

Tiffany Crosara is known as one of the UK’s top Psychic Tarot Readers in the UK. She is a psychic for Mysteries in Covent Garden and regularly appears on Sky 886 as a TV psychic for Psychic Today. A columnist for Prediction Magazine, she is also named as one of the UK’s  and World’s best Psychic and Tarot teachers according to The UK Tarot Conference,Prediction Magazine and My Spirit Radio. Tiffany teaches Tarot, Reiki. Past Life Regression Therapy and Psychic Development in both London and Cornwall. Her first book “The Transformational Truth of Tarot” won an award for best spiritual book of 2012.

Signed copies of “The Transformational Truth of Tarot” are available from www.transcendentaltemple.co.uk (free Tarot class when you sign up to the newsletter)

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