Eat Colorful Veggies for Better Vision

Eat Colorful Veggies for Better Vision

Colorful_VegetablesRoyal River Natural Foods, a locally-owned independent natural health store in Freeport, Maine, reports a new study of 102,046 men and women during more than a 25-year period that found those who consumed the most colorful plant-based pigments, known as carotenoids, were 40 percent less likely to develop age-related blindness compared to men and women who got the least carotenoids.

The report is part of the February 2016 issue of Natural Insights for Well Being®, which Royal River Natural Foods publishes free each month to help inform the Freeport community of the latest scientific discoveries in nutrition. Also in the February issue, people who took omega-3 fatty acids for three months cured dry-eye symptoms from staring at computer screens at least three hours a day, among other important findings.

“The science we report this month is encouraging to people who wish to use nutritional supplements to help preserve vision, improve brain function, and maintain healthy bones,” said Becky Foster, supplement manager. “New findings this month include studies from scientific journals such as ‘JAMA Ophthalmology,’ the ‘Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease,’ and ‘Osteoporosis International,’ among others.”

Royal River Natural Foods invites all those who wish to gain more valuable nutrition knowledge to stop in and meet the friendly, knowledgeable staff.

About the company: 
Founded in 1994, Royal River Natural Foods is a unique community, natural food store. They are committed to well-being, body and soul. Experience their outstanding customer service in a warm and welcoming environment. Royal River Natural Foods proudly features local organic food, produce, locally-raised beef, chicken, lamb, pork and seafood, healthy takeout foods, bulk foods, snacks, special dietary products, specialty wines, micro-brewed beers, gourmet food made in Maine, unique gifts, eco-friendly products and much more. Royal River Natural Foods is committed to providing local, organic and sustainably-produced foods that enrich their customers’ lives. For more information about Royal River Natural Foods, visit their website at

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