Drinking coffee shown to decrease risk of melanoma

Drinking coffee shown to decrease risk of melanoma

A Health Study report about coffee was released by Oxford in their February 2015 Journal of the National Cancer Institute, with the conclusion that higher coffee intake could result in decreased risk of Melanoma.

Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the United States with the most common cause as exposure to UV. The researchers behind the study theorized that “Coffee contains numerous bioactive compounds and may be associated inversely with melanoma. However, previous epidemiological evidence is limited.”

The study spanned over the course of years producing great results. The category with the highest coffee intake was inversely associated with melanoma. The results were statistically significant for caffeinated, but not decaffeinated coffee. Could this mean then that the coffee’s unique melanoma health benefits lie within the beans all natural caffeine?

Those who conducted the study concluded, “Higher coffee intake was associated with a modest decrease in risk of melanoma in this large US cohort study.” This begs to ask the question is there such a thing as too much coffee?

People who knock back three or four mugs daily have a roughly 25 percent lower risk of developing diabetes than those who drink less than two, according to research conducted in December 2012. However (according to a October 2007 report in the Diabetes Journal) if you already have diabetes, drinking four servings a day can raise your blood sugar levels by eight percent worsening your symptoms. In addition to reducing your risk of melanoma, Three to five cups have been shown to reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 20 percent.

Six cups a day may sounds like a lot, but women who drink six or more cups a day have a 15 percent lower risk of death. In this study, decaf counted toward the women’s daily totals.

When it comes to deciding which coffee to select, there are lots of choices available. We have found that Puroast Low Acid Coffee has 50% less acidity compared to other leading coffees, which makes Puroast ideal for people with chronic heartburn, ulcers or acid reflux. It has 7 times more antioxidants than green tea and 5 times more antioxidants than other leading coffees, and it is certified kosher, gluten free and calorie free.

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