Dreams of Michael Jackson

Dreams of Michael Jackson

By Ariadne Green

The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life.  It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.
-Michael Jackson

On June 25th, the night before the news of Michael Jackson’s death broke, I had a dream in which I was exploring the house of a deceased artist, someone famous.  It was a large house, a mansion, with wood floors that stretched out before me.  I marveled at the grandeur of the mansion as I moved through the foyer and from room to room.  The house was empty of furniture but the walls were decorated with petroglyph and pictograph figures, remnants of an ancient Native American tribe. As I traveled past the kitchen into the back of the house, I came upon a room constructed entirely of glass. It was a starkly modern artist’s studio and inside was the incomplete work, a sculpture of the artist.   The artist had died before having finished his life’s work.

Within a few hours after hearing the tragic news of Michael Jackson’s death, I realized my dream was a precognitive dream experience that not only foretold Michael’s dance from this world to the next but also revealed hidden elements about Neverland and Michael’s ancient soul.  I caught a Larry King CNN special later that week that toured the interior of the Neverland mansion and immediately recognized the house in my dream held a great deal of similarities.  Neverland Ranch, near Los Olivos, California, was originally the home of the Chumash Indians whose magnificent pictographs and petroglyphs documented their mythology and culture.   The dream unveiled something about the Native American spirit that was housed at Neverland, a legacy linked to Michael’s own spirit and ancient soul.

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I was only one of hundreds fans who have reported dreams of Michael Jackson.  Forum after forum, and a multitude of ‘tweets’ on Twitter reveal Michael Jackson lives-on in the dreams of his fans.  From Michael moon walking in heaven, to performing on stage right next to Michael, the dreams shed a great deal of light on the superstar’s influence on the psyche of his fans and on the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole.

Not many of the dreams reported would be classified precognitive.  In fact, the majority merely revisited memories or represented the unconscious yearnings of “crush-prone” fans wanting to experience an intimate moment with their pop idol.  Some dreams mentioned Michael’s influence on the dreamer’s personality while others quelled some of the grief at his passing.

By examining some of the dreams from Michael’s fans we learn a great deal about the nature and function of dreams.  How some dreams reconcile loss while others mention something about the dreamer’s personality, identifications and persona.
Still other dreams open a window into the timeless ‘twilight zone’ of precognitive experiences and the invisible ties that connect us all spiritually.

Two Souls Uniting: Dreams revealing a spiritual connection and soul bond

Night dreams demonstrate that we are connected soul-to-soul and spirit-to-spirit.

Through his music and humanitarianism, Michael Jackson touched the lives of many near and far, most of whom he never met.  However, his soul had even deeper connections, bonds with those he knew lifetimes before and whom in this life he communed with through psychic and spiritual channels.

A dreamer shared a dream she had several years ago of Michael summoning her to Neverland.  He took her hand and they rode the Ferris wheel.  When she awoke, she felt exhilarated, an emotional quality beyond the scope of an ordinary dream produced by a dreamer’s mythic and creative imagination.  It was pure bliss.  She just knew she had been touched by Michael’s soul.  It appears that Michael’s spirit and soul was there to guide her, comfort her and lift her heart and spirits during a difficult time in her life.

A Visit and a Kiss:  Dreams reconciling loss and fulfilling wishes

Many fans mentioned they grieved because they never had the opportunity to meet Michael Jackson or see him perform in person.  To reconcile her feelings of loss, a dreamer dreamt that Michael entered the kitchen of her home and sat at the table next to her.   He reached out.  They embraced and kissed.  The kitchen in a dream represents the heart, where love-filled interactions nurture us and the experience becomes food for human spirit.  The embrace fulfilled the dreamer’s greatest desire-to feel special enough to be kissed by Michael Jackson.  This dream is an example of how the subconscious creative imagination creates a dream experience to fulfill a deep wish.

Devil or Angel: Michael Jackson as a celebrity archetype

Some dream characters, especially celebrities like Michael Jackson, represent archetypes, powerful forces within the subconscious that mirror pieces of our own personalities.  They may mention our hidden talents, humanitarianism, goodness or even the darker side of our personality.  Bringing home this point, one fan put it, “I feel like Michael took a part of me with him when he passed.”

Like gods and goddesses, we raise celebrities above ourselves and imbue them with supernatural powers and qualities we wish to emulate or even those we reject and detest. While one dreamer saw Michael as a prince holding a dance competition for a group of young children and teaching them dance steps, another dreamt Michael Jackson on stage dressed in a red suit, hat and gloves to match and with a devilish grin on his face. Which characterization of Michael Jackson is most accurate holds little weight in the subconscious of a dreamer who merely needs to gain insight into the light and dark aspects (archetypes) he or she also carries within.

The Writing on the Wall:  Dreams that tell the real story

Some individuals are angels on earth invisibly serving the consciousness of others even at a distance.  Many times dreamers are unaware of how active a role they play as healers during the dream state until a dream makes it crystal clear – they are greater than they think they are.

A week before, Michael’s death, one dreamer visited Michael in a ransacked room with no windows.  Empty prescription bottles and the cap of a syringe on the nightstand spelled out that Michael was in big trouble.  The only remnants of his true spirit were a few pieces of jewelry, turquoise bracelets and rings, meaningful elements baring similarity to the pictographs in my own dream and again remarking on a Native American connection. The dream ended with the dreamer crying out, “Michael! This place is a wreck. What is going on?” In response, all the dreamer could see were Michael’s teeth chattering out of fear.  The dreamer saw the writing on the wall.

The quote used as the preface to this article is a tribute to Michael’s wisdom and his more mystical ponderings.  Through his words we are summoned to seek the meaning of life in the “infinity of forms and phenomena of creation”.  Our night dreams offer the kind of meaning Michael was referring to.  Michael undoubtedly valued his dreams as evidenced by an early home video in which he asks his son, Prince Michael, “Did you have a dream last night?”

About the author:

Ariadne Green is a dream and soul mate expert and author of Ariadne’s Book of Dreams, Warner Books 2001 and Divine Complement:  The Spiritual Terrain of Soulmate Relationships. Her web sites are  http://www.dreamthread.com and http://www.ariadnegreen.com

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