Don’t make resolutions – Set goals you can achieve

Don’t make resolutions – Set goals you can achieve

Dr. Marc Gottlieb explains how to set true achievable goals, not “New Year’s Resolutions” that often fail at the first obstacles. Dr. Gottlieb teaches his readers how to discover their purpose and let any time be the best that it can be.

It’s no secret that New Year’s resolutions rarely take root. People often make the same promises to themselves that they did the year before, only to discover that their willpower to change simply did not go deep enough. Most resolutions do not address what people truly want to achieve or how to get there. “Exercising more can be a good thing, and many want to quit smoking, but what steps would bring a person into alignment with their highest ideal of themselves?” asked Dr. Gottlieb. In his new blog Dr. Gottlieb challenges his readers to think in terms of priorities; to first establish what they want in life and what is most important to them. Then they will able to make the appropriate steps and changes to bring themselves into alignment with the kind of life they want to have and the kind of person they truly hope to be.

San Diego Chiropractor Dr. Marc Gottlieb heads the driven, professional team at Life Within Chiropractic, located in the Hillcrest community of San Diego. It is the belief of Dr. Gottlieb and his team that chiropractic medicine is an essential proponent to achieving optimum wellness in mind, body and spirit. In addition to providing first rate chiropractic care, Dr. Gottlieb utilizes blogs to lend patients his own insights to laying hold of a healthy and successful life. To start the New Year off with focus, he has written a new blog offering comprehensive steps to setting true achievable goals as opposed to making the same old New Year’s resolutions.

“When people prioritize in accordance with whom they choose to be, they will begin to do the things that such a person does. Only then can we have whatever it is we truly want out of life,” said Dr. Gottlieb. To read Dr. Marc Gottlieb’s blog on setting goals vs making resolutions, please visit The blog is available for people who would like to take a very practical step toward achieving a healthy mind, body, and spirit. In the San Diego area people can call Life Within Chiropractic at 619-291-5433 to schedule a low cost chiropractic evaluation any time of the year.

About Life Within Chiropractic:

Gottlieb Chiropractic Inc, proudly serves the needs of the Hillcrest community. San Diego Chiropractor, Dr. Marc Gottlieb specializes in back pain, sciatic nerve pain, pinched nerves, neck pain and shoulder pain. A wide range of specialties are represented by the team at Life Within Chiropractic, to include sports chiropractic, pregnancy chiropractic, and pediatric chiropractic, for which Dr. Marc is one of San Diego’s most trusted practitioners.

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