Documentary Film Investigates Crop Circles

Documentary Film Investigates Crop Circles

What On Earth?:
Inside the Crop Circle Mystery
By Suzanne Taylor
Mighty Companions – January 2010
81 minutes

Review by Kate Russell

The subject of crop circles is one that has long been a subject of interest, wonder and sometimes even ridicule to our society. Just what exactly causes these amazing forms in the grasses, and if not man causing them – then who or what? In “What On Earth – The Crop Circle Mystery”, Suzanne Taylor travels to England to explore these questions with a motley crew of scientists, mathematicians, artists and crop circle enthusiasts. Heavy on the aerial shoots, and jerky at times, you’ll either find yourself feeling a bit motion sick as you watch, or enamored with the underground home documentary vibe. As it turned out, I felt a bit of both during the course of the movie.

Regardless of the filming, Taylor’s narration and choice of interview subjects make for a quirky, involving documentary. Studying the crop circles in Canola, Barley and Wheat fields in England, a peculiar energy is mentioned from within the crop circle that affects machinery – even helicopters! From the mysteries of the undefined energy within these crop circles, we are transported forward in time to the more recent pictogram formations and posed with another question – what is the basis for this new kind of message? Is it further communication? Drawing? Warning?

‘Hoaxers’ have arrived on the scene over the years, recreating crop circles and offering cozy explanations as to how they occur. Doug and Dave were perhaps the most famous example of this to date. Seemingly out of nowhere, this two man team ‘went public’ in the 1970s to claim responsibility for the crop circles created. As discussed with Taylor in one of her interviews, these men were connected to a press agency called ‘MBF Services’, which on further investigation did not itself exist, but appeared to be some kind of flavor of the Ministry of Defense. A potentially fascinating connection, which only further serves to stoke the suspicions that the real cause of these circles could be ‘out there’ – and possibly hidden by our governments. A conspiracist’s dream indeed.

One unexplainable event is bought up after another in this movie, to make you question all that you thought you knew about crop circles. For example, in England, thirty five formations appeared in the same night – if indeed these phenomena are man-made, what manner of organized authority could possibly make that happen? And as mentioned by another interviewee (an architect), not only would these potential hoaxers have to work extremely fast, but the level of geometric accuracy involved would have to be akin to a computer. Not the ability level of most human beings!

All in all, Taylor takes a pretty obscure topic and breaks it down into easily understandable, humorous and engaging fodder for the masses. This would be a great movie for enthusiasts too, or anyone who has ever questioned if there might be more to our existence than what is commonly accepted as scientific fact.

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