Did our ancestors come from the Pleiades?

Did our ancestors come from the Pleiades?

StarSeed Remembrance – Recalling Our Lineage in the Stars

In February of 2015, during the Hawaiian time of Makahiki Time of Lono (a time when wars were forbidden), the StarSeed Remembrance school will hold its first teaching session on the Big Island of Hawai’I with Kahuna Kalei’iliahi.

The Starseed Remembrance school started with the publication of the book of the same name by Maria Yraceburu, of the Quero Apache Tlish Diyan, in 2014. The book shares wisdom from her own lineage about the Star Nations, and in particular the Pleiades – the Seven Sisters.   It sets out teachings and ceremonies that can help us align with the shifting nature of these times, and work towards a more peace-filled world.

The school is a co-creation between Maria and other facilitators, which goes deeper into teachings in the book. In order to give a flavor of the school, facilitator Kahuna Kalei-iliahi was asked to answer some questions about it.

Could you talk a little about what the phrase “StarSeed Remembrance” means to you?

It is a call to remember where we come from, our Star Lineage. We were seeded with our Divinity by our Spiritual Parents from the Star system called The Seven Sisters. We are their descendants. When we honor them we are remembering them. When we look up in the sky we can see all the Star Nations and know we are all related, all family.

Is there anything else you would like to share about the Star Nations, and in particular the Pleiades?

We Hawaiians (along with many other Polynesians) honor our Ancestors from the stars yearly in the “Makahiki Time of Lono”. It is a three month period beginning in late November that honors of Spirit (God)of Peace called Lono. It is more importantly, a time when the Pleiades is seen most clearly in our skies. We call them the “Makali’i”. It is how we remember and celebrate where we come from and where we believe we will return when we leave this world.

What connections are there between Hawai’i and the Star Nations?

I think I have just answered that question. But I would also like to add that we Polynesians are masters of celestial navigation. We were in ancient times as well as today, the Masters of Astronomy. We knew our interconnectedness then as we do today, to the stars … they are all ‘Ohana, Family. We knew that as family they would guide and protect us as the true family does.

The event includes time spent with Miracle – the 100 year old Banyan tree. Could you talk a little about why this is so special?

When my Ancestors told me it was time to go home to Hawai’i after living many years in California they sent me to the Big Island because it is where they are from and the royal lineage I am from came as well. But I grew up on O’ahu and did not know this island well. In searching for a home here I needed their guidance for it would be a temple space, a sanctuary – a “pu’uhonua”. After a long search of finding nothing with the spiritual energy I was seeking, I was led to this place. Only it wasn’t for sale. When my Ancestors came out of the west portal by the thousands and started chanting and telling me “Welcome home” I knew this was the place. The miracle is I made an offer that day and bought a house that was not for sale. This miracle could only have occurred through the love of the Ancestors.

Could you give a flavour of what you will be doing on the week?

We will honor the Ancestors, the Ancients, the gods and the Star Nations, especially the Makali’i. We will do this in sacred ceremony and in joy and in celebration for you will be here at the Makahiki Time of Lono. In ancient times all wars were forbidden during this time of peace. It was also a time of feasting and games and making love (fertility) and joy! We will do the same, we will honor this time the way the ancients did. And I will be guided to share their wisdom from time to time. It will be beautiful.

The title of the event is LifeWay Power Dreamers. Could you talk a little about the importance of Dreaming in life.

All the ancients from all the indigenous peoples understood the importance of dreaming. My Ancestors believed that the physical world was the dream world and the dream world was the world we come from…a world of mystery and of endless potentials. When we dream in life we are creating our potentials, whatever they may be.

Is there anything you would like to share about Evolution and Love?

Hmmmmm, I’m not sure what to say about evolution. In our creation story, the Kumulipo, it speaks of all these life forms evolving into yet another beautiful life form, each one more magnificent than the last. As humans we are evolving into becoming more in our Light bodies, or more accurately, developing the ability to carry more light. In this way we are evolving into our true selves, Light. We are becoming more and more magnificent.

Love. The Ancients told me recently that many of us go around saying when we fall in love we want it to be forever. They said what we don’t realize, because we are too busy searching for that love or regretting having lost it, is that when we fall in love, even for a minute…it is an eternity. Love IS eternal because it is of God, of the Creator and what the Creator creates is eternal. We truly need to think more like the Ancients who thought more like the Creator because they knew the Creator was within them. We have forgotten, through eons of programming, that the Creator is outside us and in the sky. We must unlearn the things we have taught ourselves that do not hold the truth of our magnificence. Then we will know that love itself is eternal and so are we for WE ARE LOVE.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Yes, I would like to bless the readers of this with the love and light of the Ancestors.

LifeWays of Power Dreamers Ah-Kine StarSeed Re-membrance School Session 1 with diiyin Maria Yraceburu, Kahuna Kalei’iliahi,  Kahu Mark Saito & Joy Brugh
Big Island of Hawaii
February 15-19, 2015
10 am – 10 pm daily

Booking and further information at www.ah-kine.com, or contact yraceburus@gmail.com.

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