Did a Higher Civilization Influence Human Evolution?

Did a Higher Civilization Influence Human Evolution?

Of all history’s questions, the uncertain and often-confusing origin of man tops them all. From the story of Adam and Eve to thousands of science-based theories, nobody has definitively set out to discover the prevailing truth.

In his powerful and life-changing new book, Martin Hinde comes as close as anyone can. ‘Children of Eden’ will surprise and shock many, yet its revelation of man’s origin could just be the biggest discovery of the millennium.

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Starting at the beginning – the creation story of Adam and Eve – the author traces the true origins of humankind using the best available evidence. This leads to the startling revelation that humankind may have originated as hominid Primates who have been genetically-modified by a higher civilization in our own Solar system. Created as hybrid Spiritual Beings bonded to physical Primate forms – this is the crux of the situation facing humankind. But there is a way out. Martin follows the path of some secret knowledge that was handed to a few from the creators of humankind: Knowledge that has been hoarded by elites and priesthood class, from the time of the Pharoahs and the’ Mystery Schools’, up to the present day. This is the knowledge that empowers humanity to brake the chains of physical bondage, and allow our Spiritual Beings to rise to their auspicious place in the Cosmos. This book shows us a way out of the quagmire – that is our lives and our planet today – to a future where we can reconnect with our (true) higher Self; take back control of our lives, our governments, our environment; and leads us to the Return of Eden.

“This is a holistic, comprehensive volume that will satisfy both faith-based theories of mankind’s creation, as well as the world of science,” explains the author, who is passionate about Eastern Spiritual Enlightenment and its related concepts. “We start right back at the beginning, travel through mankind’s lifespan and end up at the present. It’s as close as we’re ever going to get to a definitive, unambiguous answer.”

Continuing, “Knowledge truly is power. This book will appeal to anyone interested in the inspirational or western spiritual space; for example, fans and followers of the works of people like Deepak Chopra. The goal is that people can use this new knowledge to reconnect with themselves, with the world’s elite powers and ultimately bind humanity together in a new common, peaceful goal.”

With the volume’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

Children of Eden’, from Troubador Publishing Ltd, is available now at Amazon.

About the Author:

Martin Hinde grew up as the only child of itinerant parents stationed at various outposts of the British Empire. Living amongst different peoples and cultures from an early age imbued the author, in adulthood, with the sense of being a citizen sans frontiers; a global citizen – a citizen of Humanity. Through a series of ‘chance’ encounters with strangers, Martin’s life became guided in a direction towards Eastern Spiritual Enlightenment. As one of very few individuals in the West who has achieved the status of a Yogic Siddha, Martin has been given access to knowledge of the deepest – and sometimes darkest – secrets and challenges facing modern citizens of Humanity; challenges which threaten our very existence. Martin’s work is a rallying cry to his readers – and collectively to Humanity – to awaken, confront and eliminate the forces of Darkness that are preventing us from becoming us who we really are.

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