Deepak Chopra Helped Design The Program That Calms Stress

Deepak Chopra Helped Design The Program That Calms Stress

As much as 90% of health trouble is stress related. A recent report by the American Holistic Medical Association revealed that stress creates wear and tear on the mind and body that is harmful to our health and well being.

Now, three renowned wellness doctors, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil and Dean Ornish have worked with a team of professionals to create a program that helps people learn how to calm their stress through exercises that include breathing and meditation. The computer-based program, called “Healing Rhythms”, uses bio-feedback to create healthful results that its users can see and feel in as little as fifteen minutes.

The program was designed to transport its users into a blissful state of relaxation by following guided training, using such topics as “Quieting the Mind” and “Finding Your Inner Balance.” People who use the program say it helps them discover their own body’s natural ability to relax and decompress from their daily workload.

Click on video screen below to see a demonstration of “Healing Rhythms”, showing how the program transforms your computer into a virtual wellness center, with soothing music and compelling graphics to help calm your stress and improve your well-being…

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