Dear Aura – Twisted Back

Dear Aura – Twisted Back

Dear Aura

Could you give me some insight as to why I have this twisted feeling in the muscles of my back.  Are my thoughts somehow twisted, or perhaps I am undecided about an issue, so it manifests as feeling twisted in my spine.

Thank you


Dear Louisa

As we influence our reality with our thoughts, then part of that reality is of course the physical body. You are on the right track in contemplating the attitude or belief that is being reflected in your body, but remember that this goes hand in hand with seeking assistance in mainstream medicine.

Imagine a towel being twisted and pulled from both ends. When the ends are released the pressure is off. The first thing that comes to mind is that it sounds like you are being pulled in two directions regarding your undecided issue and just like the towel you need to let go, even just temporarily, from trying to decide. It is possible that taking the pressure off your mind will take the pressure off your back.

It is very difficult to make a sound decision while being pulled back and forth as the emotions are involved in, and are in fact perpetuating, this tug of war. After having contemplated the pros and cons of a decision, you then need to surrender to a place of detachment. When you let go of the emotional attachment it helps to allow a place of peace to arise in your mind. Breathe in this peace and hand over the concern or worry to the universe and trust that guidance will arise from within you. When you make the final choice, go for it without hesitation and don’t doubt. The universe responds best to that type of energy and will support you along the way.


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