Dear Aura – On motivation

Dear Aura – On motivation

Dear Aura

I have no idea what is happening to me. I seem to have lost all motivation for no reason. I was really getting into the flow of manifesting and working on a spiritual level and affirmations. I even signed up to do my dream job of being a naturopath from home. I have not even started my studies and every time I try to do affirmations my head feels cloudy. I feel all over the place and have no idea if this is due to energy shifts or if the raw food diet I am on is messing up my energy levels. I just seem to have no energy or motivation to do anything spiritual; I have even stopped doing my beloved yoga practice. I am in great need of advice as I would like to get my positive work back on track and I would like to know what is holding me back.

Thank you.

Shelley (in Sydney, Australia)


Dear Shelley

You are, in truth, doing wonderfully! You refer to your work in the past as being ‘positive’ so I can infer that you believe where you are now is ‘negative’. This is not so. Life is a series of ebb and flows and where you are in your spiritual development is absolutely perfect and a natural part of your evolutionary process.  The fact that you’ve reached this place in your life says to me that you are growing and changing. You’ve reached a plateau, an ending point, if you like, in the way you used to be, and this is a great place to springboard into the next phase.

But first, stop and take a breath and mentally let it all go. I would ask yourself if you are doing all these things (such as the diet and the affirmations), in order to try and gain something, such as ‘spiritual enlightenment’. Sometimes it’s more about just ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’. Trust in the deeper aspect of you that knows exactly what is happening. Let go of struggling and doing. Sit under a great tree, breath in the fragrance of summer, marvel at the immensity of the sky. This is as great a spiritual practice as any other – and allow the next phase of your spiritual path to unfold in front of you. Be at peace.


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