Dear Aura – Message from beyond

Dear Aura – Message from beyond

Dear Aura,

A very close friend of mine passed away late last year and before she died she told me she would send me a message at some stage.  I haven’t had that as yet, but at times have felt she has been nearby.  A few nights ago I had a dream and she appeared in it.  She had a different hairdo, and looked much younger, but very fit and healthy and her words to me where “I’m back” and as she gave me a hug she asked me “Why did you let the birds die?”  I have wondered ever since what she meant by this?  We were very close and I miss her wisdom and guidance greatly.

Many Blessings,

Dear Jan,

I hear much laughter when tuning into you and your friend and that laughter has resonated through lifetimes both past and future. In between lives we spend time reviewing what we have learned and plan how we can help each other to continue to grow in future incarnations. Many times you have sat somewhere over a cup of coffee talking about the roles that you have played, and will play, in each other’s lives and the support you have given each other, whether as friend, sister, mother, cousin or acquaintance.

Her appearance in your dream and the cryptic question has set you on a course of purposeful contemplation and once again she is there helping you to grow, prompting you in this case to seek answers about the mysteries of existence.

What do birds represent to you? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Do they represent freedom, lightness of being, your Holy Spirit – only you can say as she is using your ‘vocabulary’. Perhaps she is saying that something has gone from your life or that something is missing.  Whatever your answer, never doubt that her guidance will always be there for you – whether in a dream or in the steam gently rising off a cup of coffee as you watch a flock of birds wheel across a wide blue sky.



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