Dear Aura – Creating a New Job

Dear Aura – Creating a New Job

Dear Aura,

I am trying to create a new job so that I can work from home and get out of the 9-5 rut but I’m not having any success despite all my efforts. What can you suggest?




Dear Becky

How we feel about ourselves, I think, is the key to whatever we want to create in our lives, whether that be money, a beautiful relationship, a great job or anything else that we dream about. And if you’re attempting to bring one of those dreams into reality through visualisation, affirmations, dream boards, etc. (along with steps in the outer world, such as training, etc) and they are not coming or you get little blips of success but without really succeeding then I would take a look at self-love or self-worth as a first step.

As the observers of our reality we are creating what comes into our lives by how we feel about our lives, ourselves and what currently exists in our reality – we are putting out a vibration all the time that is magnetizing circumstances, people, etc. to us. One analogy for this vibe is the hum you can hear when you turn up the volume on stereo speakers without any music playing. We are all ‘humming’ all the time and it is below the level of ‘hearing’ or in other words below the level of our awareness. If we could analyse the hum it would be different for each person dependent upon our state of mind and how we feel.

So for some people, no matter how much they visualize, they don’t seem to move towards what they want in life because ultimately they don’t feel worthy to have it. For myself I recognized about 20 years ago that I didn’t even know what it was to like myself, let alone love myself! This had come about because of a combination of my genetics and the messages I received from my parents and my catholic school education.  When I was about six or seven I remember vividly a religion lesson I received about original sin. We were all born ‘bad’, I was told, and it was only after being baptised that our soul was made pure. My teacher had drawn a big circle on the board and coloured it in to represent original sin and then erased it to show being baptised. She then went on to draw Xs in the circle to represent the sins that we would commit then erase them when we ‘went to confession’. It was going to a constant struggle to be good because we were intrinsically bad.

Even many years on into my journey of self-discovery I had a hard time letting this go and I would hear myself say, ‘but I AM bad’ despite logically knowing this was not true and being aware of the roots of this belief.

So my advice to you to is to, first, contemplate how you feel about yourself.  What incidents from your childhood immediately spring to mind? What do you feel in your body when you recall them? Does your stomach tighten up, do you clench your jaw? If you have a physical reaction to the thoughts then they are anchored in the body as feelings and are a constituent part of the hum you are projecting into your world. (If someone is successful, though, it doesn’t always mean they are emanating a ‘success’ vibe. They may be locked into being successful in order to gain approval, for example.)  As I said, each person’s vibe is made up of the different harmonics associated with attitudes and beliefs and if you can identify yours it’s a great first step in making changes in your life.

Now, what to do once identified? As I’ve said before, contemplate them from a place of an interested observer. I would guess that feeling (that is connected to the childhood memory) often occurs throughout your life in response to different situations. Feel the feelings without judgement and make a choice to let them go each time they arise. Say to yourself ‘oh, here it is again, I recognise this’. It is important to pull out of the feeling and recognise them for what they are – a habit, a conditioned response to certain situations in life.  Also, don’t forget that those situations are there because of you, your vibe, so don’t drop into victim mode – one of the major keys to moving through situations effectively is to acknowledge that you’re creating your reality moment by moment. This is a tough one, I know.

Next, what do you feel when you say what it is you want? When you say, ‘I want a job that allows me the freedom to work from home, set my own hours, be my own boss’, etc. what is it that happens in your body, how does it feel? There is actually an inherent lack built into the word ‘want’.  Wanting something will not generally bring it to you.  Wanting just creates more want.  The key is to let go of ‘wanting’ and just ‘know’ that you have it.  The Sedona Method headed up by Hale Dwoskin, who appeared on The Secret,  goes into great detail and has a number of processes to assist in identifying and release these ‘wants’. It’s worth a look at their site,

You can also simply observe the feelings that arise when you think of what it is you want. The feelings can revolve around, “I want this, but I don’t know how”, “This is a pipe dream”, “I just have to work harder” etc. Observe the feelings in body.

If, for example, there is a fear of failure that arises when you think about going after the dream, that stops you from even attempting it, close your eyes and visualise the word  ‘fear’ in your mind’s eye, floating in the empty space you are looking into. Or see a blob of a certain colour with the word fear written on it, whatever you like, and rotate or spin the word or blob in that space. Continue to watch it as it spins.  What you are doing is disassociating from the feeling, pulling out of it and observing it. In doing this you are helping the energy to dissipate. This will take practice and can be done each time the fear comes up.  Over time the feeling will shift and leave which in turn alters the makeup of the harmonic of your vibe and thus what you draw into your life.



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