Creative Daydreaming: How to Do It

Creative Daydreaming: How to Do It

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

Last time, I introduced you to Creative Daydreaming, in Re-Creating Your Self, an important tool for making real your acceptance of the new beliefs in your Blueprint for Personal Change.  I defined Creative Daydreaming and I explained why it works.

This column will tell you how to do it.  You will be given step-by-step instructions for Creative Daydreams that will assist you in becoming the person you want to be, living the life you desire.


Because you use your imagination constantly and in many different ways, imaging your new self, through Creative Daydreaming, is, perhaps, the easiest tool to use in effecting personal change. Here are the guidelines for successful Creative Daydreaming:

(1) Choose the theme of your Creative Daydream. For Re-Creating Your Self, the theme would most likely be one of your new beliefs. At first, please select a new belief that you feel will be relatively easy for you to accept. As you gain experience with this process, move on to the new beliefs that may be more challenging.

(2) Select a quiet, peaceful and pleasant place for your Creative Daydreaming. For me, in my early days with this process, the place was often under a large, old tree in a quiet neighborhood park.

(3) Assume a comfortable position, whatever that means to you.  For me, it most frequently means stretching out flat on my back – my arms relaxed at my side.

(4) Close your eyes and relax your self.  You may use the relaxation technique given in a previous column, or employ another method that better suits you.

(5) Affirm the subject of your Creative Daydream, either mentally or aloud. For example, if your subject is, “I can become thinner, and more attractive,” then affirm, “I’m now thinner and more attractive than I have ever been in my life.”

(6) Mentally create your daydream. Picture your new self as if that edition of you already exists. In a way, it does. The moment you picture your new self, that self becomes a mental reality.  Although a mental reality may not be discerned by the physical senses, neither is God.  Don’t discount the importance of the mentally real, but physically unseen.

Create your daydream as vividly as possible, including as many details as you can. Using the same example, you would visualize your body as being slender and strong, well-dressed and impeccably groomed. In other words, if becoming thin and more attractive is your goal, then, in your Creative Daydream, you must imagine your slender and attractive self even more intensely than in fear you entertain thoughts of being fat and unattractive. It’s important to remember that, for better or worse, the intensity of any mental action, largely determines how quickly and precisely it will be created as a physical reality.

(7) Bring your other senses into your Creative Daydream. In the “slim and attractive” daydream, you might slowly run a hand over your new self, mentally “feeling” your slender, strong body. Then “hear” your friends commenting, “You’ve never looked better in your life.” “Smell” and “taste” the healthy foods that help to keep your new self in great shape. “Feel” the positive emotions generated by being so attractive.

(8) Try to sustain your Creative Daydream for at least five minutes. Mentally create different scenes and situations related to your subject. But don’t strain or stress your self. This is meant to be a creative, playful process, and not a harsh discipline. At first, you may find it difficult to stay within your Creative Daydream for more than a few minutes. That’s quite all right. Your ability to imagine your new self will automatically increase with experience.

(9) End your Creative Daydream with the same affirmation you used to begin it. Slowly repeat the affirmation, either silently or aloud, four or five times, then open your eyes and peacefully resume your normal day.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: Many people believe that Man was created in the image and likeness of God. Clearly, that image and likeness is spiritual, not physical. It follows that God’s Man, a spiritual creation, entertained persistently and intensely, a Creative Daydream of life in matter, and so the physical world, life in matter, was created by the Creative Daydreaming of spiritual man, and not by God.

Coming February 15: Imagining My New Self.

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