Creating A Sustainable Planet: Can a Symbol Really Change the World?

Creating A Sustainable Planet: Can a Symbol Really Change the World?

By Lexi Soulios

Around the globe, hundreds of millions of people go to bed hungry every night. Over a billion have inadequate access to water. Tens of thousands of children under five years old die each day due to poverty related causes. Why is it that the richest nations allow the poorest ones to suffer any lack at all? According to Brian McClure, founder of the Universal symbol & flag, believes that the answer lies in “our perception”, which is the only thing that we can ever change.”

Let’s consider the consequences of a separated humanity by revisiting a few scenarios from our recent past: Hundreds of soldiers with swastika armbands marching the streets of Nazi Germany…The Israeli government banning the Palestinian flag and forbidding use of its four colors in artwork…Students in California protesting proposed immigration laws by raising a Mexican flag over an upside down American one. Not one of these situations led to greater peace or global abundance for the parties involved. The world is filled with symbols of our human differences, when instead it could be enhanced by expressions of individual gifts or fortified by testaments to our collective strength. We all seek a sense of belonging, yet we’ve forgotten that our ultimate belonging is to each other.

In order for us to create a sustainable planet and evolve as a species, we must shift our perception to one of inclusion rather than exclusion. This requires a remembering of who we are and what our place is in the world. A visit to the Universal Flag’s website will provide you with some food for thought on these issues. It outlines five fundamental “Truths” shared by all humans: 1) You are One with All, 2) You are Divine Presence, 3) You are Eternal, 4) You are Truth, 5) You are Interdependent on All.

The Universal Symbol and Flag is on an ambitious mission: To remind us of who we really are.Creator, Brian McClure intends for the symbol “to serve as a reminder, or a sign post, of our Oneness with All.” Rather than representing any one particular group, race, religion or nation, the Universal Flag represents all of life. The sustainability of eternal life- which is woven into its design are elements that express a commonality all beings share. The white background represents the purity from which we come; the colors signify vibrations of energy common to all (think chakra system); the waves represent the ups and downs of life; and, the gold band encompassing the symbol reminds us of the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you want to be treated.”

By displaying the symbol or flag, we remind one another of these greater Truths. When people ask what the symbol means, we tell them. In so doing, we extend an invitation to consider new possibilities. Without making anyone wrong for their beliefs, we offer a kinder, more expansive lens through which to view the world.

The power of symbol cannot be underestimated. Our dreams guide us through symbolic language. Politicians use symbols to gather and mobilize support. Ancient healing arts such as Reiki use symbolic hand signs to restore balance and flow to the physical body. And, corporations have made good use of their logos to create effective, very profitable brand loyalties. ( Who can think of golden arches and not reminisce about their favorite way of eating a french fry?) Now, the world has a new symbol and it is one that calls forth our greatest promise and potential as a species; a chance for an empowered and sustainable world. The Universal Flag is a beacon of our future.

The end of global poverty will come when each of us understands the Truth of who we are. That we are each inextricably connected to one another, to our earth and to our divine Source. When any one being suffers, it has an effect on all beings. Every time we see a Universal Flag symbol, the part of ourselves that desperately longs for peace is stirred awake and given greater legitimacy to exist. When we see the Universal Flag flying outside of any home, anywhere in the world, we know that we have found a friend. Instead of being greeted by limitations, we meet each other in an endless horizon of opportunity; and thusly, the world is changed.


The Universal Flag Foundation is a 501C3 company. To purchase a flag, or to learn more about upcoming projects and ways to get involved, visit

Brian McClure has worked with James Twyman, Wayne Dyer, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith (the Secret) and Earthdance among many others His personal mission is to make a transformational difference in our world by helping others remember the truth of our oneness and interdependence. The Universal Flag hangs at Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles and at schools and churches throughout the world.

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