Choose Kindness

Choose Kindness

by Leah J. Utas, C.Ht.Treating others with love and kindness makes a noticeable difference in our lives.

When we freely offer love in its various forms and degrees it changes our own corner of the world. When others do it they change their corner, too, and these changes alter an even greater portion of the world.

Love energy in action acts on and transforms the energy that surrounds the planet. Each offered kindness releases a small ripple of this love energy and it collects in the surrounding energy. Once there it becomes available to everyone and everything.

It expands and comes back to us many fold. The increased love energy touches others who then offer their own kindness thus perpetually refreshing and enhancing this great, loving grid.

Ultimately, we get back what we put out though greatly enhanced. The only problem we’d have is if everyone was taking and no one was giving back. Fortunately, there are enough of us willing to extend our hands and hearts.

Have you been doing it?

If not, what’s holding you back? You’ll soon see the difference in your life when you offer love.

Kindness, caring, and compassion are love’s companions and can be expressed in simple, painless ways. Smiling at a harried cashier or opening a door for a stranger are some of the simplest ways to do it, and they are good ways to start out down a path of offering love.

In the mid-1990s I was in Virginia Beach for a hypnosis course. As I waited for my shuttle a delivery truck driver walked toward the door carrying a big, awkward package. She had to maneuver it through outer and inner doors. Without thinking about it I got up and held the doors open for her.

Unfortunately she had gone to the wrong address. She had to get the back outside so I got up and held the doors for her again.

“Well, thank you,” she brightened. “If I see you having trouble some time I am going to stop and help you.”

It was a simple gesture, but she seemed surprised that I had done it.

When you chose the loving path it’ll choose you right back. Kindnesses are returned in many ways. Some aren’t obvious at first and may not seem related, but they become part of a pattern of what we might first call “good luck.” We’ll notice things go smoothly, or we find a parking space easier, or a problem is resolved quickly and without much fuss. We find we are in balance with the Universe.

The balance expresses itself in some obvious ways, too.

Here’s another example of something that happened to me. We have many two-hour parking zones in town and they are enforced. It’s a small $15 fine, but if you pay within a few days it’s reduced to $5. One morning I had to park in one of these zones while I covered Court for the local paper. I thought I’d be okay because the morning session usually took a break. That day it didn’t and when the session ended I walked out into the bright noonday sun to find a parking ticket on my windshield and a neatly folded $5 bill lying in the snow beside the driver’s side front tire.

Why not see for yourself? Work a bit of kindness and caring into your day. Pour a co-worker’s coffee, or give a parking space to a stranger, and see how the loving energy is returned to you.

Leah J. Utas is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter. She is a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with additional training in Past-Life Regression and has training in trance channeling as well as First Degree Reiki and Beginner’s Level Therapeutic Touch.

Utas was a newspaper reporter for 20 years and is currently writing a book about working with the Higher Self and is also working on her memoirs. Contact her at [email protected] or at her blog The Goat’s Lunch Pail.

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