Can Flower Essences Control Emotional Eating?

Can Flower Essences Control Emotional Eating?

An emotional eater is someone who eats to feed their feelings instead of their body. Now, a broad range of experts claims that 75% of overeating is triggered by our emotions. As our negative emotions take control, we become more driven by our urges, eating when we are tired, depressed, stressed, lonely or even bored. When our emotional needs get confused with our physical ones, weight gain can easily follow. Our eating becomes compulsive, our urges now control us. There is evidence to support the claim that Flower Remedies can help to manage the urges to overeat and put us back in control.

“We may start out feeling a bit hungry, but when our eating is emotionally driven we soon become robotic. Mindless eating ensues as we scan our kitchen We are on a mission and anything digestible is fair game,” says Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Denise Lamothe, author of The Taming of the Chew. “Fortunately, we can regain control of our need to mindlessly devour what our bodies don’t really need.” The Bach Original Flower Remedies can help manage your emotional needs and put an end to mindless eating.

Dr. Ronald Stram, MD, adds that, “Bach Flower Remedies are an effective tool to use for emotional and behavioral issues including compulsive overeating as they always seem to help in reducing them down a notch.”

The remedies are an all-natural healing system which provide a calming positive energy to balance emotions. A renowned Emotional Eating Expert, Dr. Lamothe, has found success in using the Bach Original Flower Remedies with her clients struggling with this issue and recommends these three remedies to help deal with the most common emotions that contribute to emotional eating:

• Bach Cherry Plum will allow you to stay in calm control, even when you feel like grabbing a second serving or extra cookies.

• Bach Crab Apple, the cleansing remedy, will help you feel better about yourself and your body, especially when you feel embarrassed by your tight clothes or disgusted over how you have misused food in the past.

• Bach Chestnut Bud can help you change negative behavior patterns, making you more self -observant so you can notice what changes you need to make to break the cycle of overeating and dieting for good.

About Bach Original Flower Remedies
The Bach Original Flower Remedies may be taken anywhere, anytime to relieve everyday moods, stress, worries, and anxiety. Formulated 75 years ago by the noted British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, the remedies are used in over 66 countries worldwide by millions of people. The all-natural remedies, derived from flowering plants and trees, are safe and effective and may even be used with infants, the elderly and animals without side effects. There are 38 different remedies to choose from to help restore emotional balance as well as Rescue Remedy (the most recognizable composite formula from Bach) a blend of five BFR remedies to manage everyday stress. If you find other reasons for your emotional eating such as loneliness, sadness or worry, simply fill out the Bach questionnaire at your local health food store or log on to and click on the remedy chooser or on our personal questionnaire option to create your own personal formula or call Bach Flower Remedies at 1-800-319-9151 to request one via email. You can also find out more about the Bach International Education program online as well.

How to use the Bach Remedies for Emotional Eating Support:
Take 2 drops of each remedy straight from the bottle or diluted into any beverage 4 times per day. Sip at intervals. Or create a personal combination by mixing the 3 remedies. Add two drops of each chosen remedy to a 30ml mixing bottle, top up with spring water and take four drops per dose at least four times a day. Alternatively, the remedies can be rubbed onto the lips, behind the ears or on the temples and wrists. If you find other reasons for your emotional eating, other Bach Original Flower Remedies may apply. You may combine up to 7 remedies in your personal combination.

Bach Flower Remedies are sold in 66 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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