“Breakthrough: A Blueprint for Your Mind” Empowers Readers to Transform their Lives

“Breakthrough: A Blueprint for Your Mind” Empowers Readers to Transform their Lives

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There’s no denying that most people have a fairly good grasp on their reality. However, why they do what they do is an ultimate question that most take to the grave. Having spent many years refining his work as an NLP practitioner, Brian Costello is one of the few people equipped to answer these conundrums, definitively.

In his powerful and life-changing new book, ‘Breakthrough: A Blueprint For Your Mind’, Costello helps readers understand how they think, before guiding them through a series of small and subtle changes that will affect positive new results in all areas of their life.

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Understanding the workings of the mind is a field of endless speculation and endeavour. We are naturally intrigued by the mind’s internal processes and are constantly in search of rational and accessible explanations for human behaviour, emotion and thought. In short, we’re all looking for an answer, even if we don’t always know the right question! Increasingly, people are searching for this understanding through courses, books, coaching, therapy, empowerment events and a whole range of other interventions.

Breakthrough: A Blueprint for your Mind is designed to be a straightforward, accessible guide to the workings of the mind and seeks to answer, in as simple a way as possible, the questions ‘why do I do what I do?’ and ‘how can I change it?’ It is aimed at anyone who would like to learn how to work with the mind in a variety of contexts whether that be personal change, work/career or even teaching, coaching or parenting.

“From personal experience, I explain how the mind, the most complex and elusive machine in existence, works,” explains the author, also Principal of the company, HeadStrong. “The great thing is that you only have to make small tweaks to transform your life – again, like a machine.”

Continuing, “The book really has two parts. The first is the theoretical understanding, which has been explained so simply that even a young teenager can understand it. After that, I guide readers through a series of quick and easy exercises that allows them to make these tiny shifts in their thought processes, and change their existence beyond anything they thought possible.”

Since its release, reviews have been glowing. For example, Helen Monaghan comments, “Brian opens the door and lights the way for you. This is why it is important to do the exercises and ponder his questions. It took me 2 weeks to read this book as I stopped every few pages to either meditate on his words or do the exercises, or both! This is most definitely a book that I will be recommending to my clients.”

Jennifer Wilson adds, “This book, Breakthrough A Blueprint For Your Mind is such a well written, easy to follow guide to your thoughts to help you understand how you think right now and how to make really small, subtle changes that will improve your life. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or understanding as everything is explained in such an amazing way that even on a bad day, I understand.”

Owen Fitzpatrick, International best selling author & motivational speaker says “You can use this book to say goodbye to the problems which stopped you being all you could be, and you too can live the ultimate, wonderful life that you were born to live”

Breakthrough: A Blueprint For Your Mind’, from Riverclyde Books, is available now.

Further info at http://rcbks.com/breakthrough.

Copies can also be purchased from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2lGqmaM.

About the Author:

Top mind expert Brian Costello, whose work has been featured on national TV and Radio and in national newspapers and magazines, is the principal of HeadStrong. He has developed a range of interventions that combine his expertise in psychology, NLP, hypnosis, coaching and personal empowerment techniques.

Brian first studied NLP and hypnosis in 2003 and it was the incredible personal changes he made in his own life, using the techniques and skills he now teaches, that changed his focus from one of corporate success to one of helping as many people as he could, make the changes they desired, really, really quickly. It is this personal investment that makes Brian Costello such a passionate trainer and coach. He knows what it is like to change your life – he has experienced it himself.

In 2007, after 4 years of developing and studying the world of NLP and personal change, Brian left behind a successful corporate career as part of a groundbreaking team managing projects across the UK and Europe and HeadStrong was born.

Since those early days, Brian’s work has helped countless individuals with personal issues and challenges. He is invited to speak at events across the country and trains, coaches and consults with major companies such as AXA Insurance, Glasgow City, Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire Councils, Razzamataz Theatre Schools, DMC Fitness, Barclays Wealth, RBS and many more.

In 2011 Brian teamed up with “The Peoples Coach” Steve Burns to create the Scottish Centre of NLP, a training organisation dedicated to delivering exceptional NLP and personal development training. In a few short years, the SCNLP have trained some of the most talented practitioners and therapists in the country, brought internationally recognised Master Trainers such as Owen Fitzpatrick to Scotland as part of the Master Practitioner Program and are creating a new standard for integrity, knowledge and application of NLP.

This is Brian’s first book and will begin a series to be published over the next few years. His second book, Cracking The Teen Code is currently in preparation and will be published on 2017.

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