Boost Your Energy with One Simple Practice

Boost Your Energy with One Simple Practice

by Master Francisco Quintero

Many people are looking for ways to maintain good, positive energy levels throughout their day and in their lives. The experience of fatigue or energy drain can affect even the most motivated people, leading them to be less effective. While there are many pathways that can help us restore and maintain our energy levels, including good nutrition, proper sleep and activity levels, meditation, yoga and more, there is one simple practice layered in soul wisdom that can nourish and maintain a strong foundation of energy, stamina and vitality. It is a practice for boosting the Lower Dan Tian by applying what’s known as the Four Power Techniques.

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The Lower Dan Tian is a fist sized energy center found in the lower abdomen, roughly an inch and a half below the navel and 2.5 inches inside the body. It is a foundational energy center that every human being is born with. It is our warehouse for energy, stamina, vitality and immunity. When it is strong, we possess more of these qualities in addition to feeling centered, grounded and balanced.

However, the Lower Dan Tian energy center can become generally weak for a variety of reasons, and also can be depleted from our stressful lives on a daily basis. The good news is that it can be strengthened and replenished rather easily, but many people may not have this wisdom, or may not know how to replenish it. While there are traditional forms of dedicated moving practice that may serve this purpose, the practice we suggest is a spiritual practice that anyone can do, no matter what their state of health and vitality, for a few minutes a day and it requires no formal training. Would you like to learn it?

The practice incorporates the Four Power Techniques, which are simple techniques steeped in ancient and new soul wisdom brought forth by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha. The Four Powers are:

Body Power – to use special hand and body positions to facilitate healing, rejuvenation and transformation

Sound Power – to chant or sing special mantras or sounds/tones that carry a high frequency and vibration for our health, rejuvenation, happiness, purification and more

Mind Power – to use creative visualization to facilitate healing, rejuvenation and transformation

Soul Power – To connect with the power of soul; to “Say Hello” to the inner soul(s) and outer soul(s) to bring soul healing, rejuvenation and transformation

Each of the four powers is helpful and potentially effective on their own, but when applying them explicitly and simultaneously toward a specific goal, we exponentially increase the effectiveness of our practice. Furthermore, the fourth power – Soul Power, is the key. It carries the highest power and greatly enhances the effectiveness of any practice. To understand this better, some principles of soul healing and Soul Mind Body Medicine® may be helpful:

  • Soul healing wisdom is that everyone and everything has a soul. The deeper wisdom is that everyone and everything is made of shen (soul, heart & mind) qi (energy) jing (matter). Your Lower Dan Tian is no exception. It has its own soul, heart (spiritual heart), mind (consciousness) and body (energy and matter).
  • The soul is the boss of everyone and everything. The soul leads the heart, the heart leads the mind, the mind leads energy and energy leads matter. If the soul is troubled, it will eventually appear as blockages in the other layers of our being.
  • Soul blockages are karma blockages, which have to do with the harm we or our ancestors may have caused in this and past lifetimes.
  • All souls want to serve; they want to grow, learn and uplift themselves.
  • If we heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow.

Given this wisdom, if we have a weak Lower Dan Tian, the soul of our Lower Dan Tian needs to be nourished. Given that all souls want to serve, when we connect at the soul level, we gain great power and cooperation. Therefore, when we “Say Hello” to our Lower Dan Tian and give love, our Lower Dan Tian is nourished. When we “Say Hello” to outer souls, such as a saint or holy being, or the ocean or the mountains, and we ask them to send love and healing light to our Lower Dan Tian, they are honored to serve. They will shine their light into our request.

The Body Power, Mind Power and Sound Power add their contributions, boosting the practice and helping us focus. Altogether they help us open to the love and light coming in from the Soul Power we have called on. Think about it. We are holding our hands and body in supportive positions to help focus the energy, we are visualizing light in our request, and we are chanting a beautiful mantra, all after we have called on help from the soul world. They are happy to serve us. It’s a beautiful system. We can receive their blessings as long as we wish to chant.

Master Sha always says if you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste it. So here is a practice you can try for boosting your Lower Dan Tian power with the Four Power Techniques:

Body Power: Sit up straight with your back away from the chair if you are able, and your feet flat on the floor. If you need the support of the chair, it’s ok. You can still do the practice. For hand position, we will use “yin yang palm.” Place both your hands in front of you as if you were saying “Stop!” to someone. Now take your right hand and grab your left thumb, making a fist around that thumb, firmly, with about 85% of your gripping power. Next fold the fingers of your left hand over the fist of your right hand. This is a powerful hand position for gathering energy. You will place your yin yang palm over your Lower Dan Tian, which is approximately 1.5 inches below the navel and 2.5 inches inside the body.

Soul Power – Say Hello:

Dear soul of my Lower Dan Tian

I love you

You have the power to heal and grow strong

Do a good job!

Thank you!

Dear Universal Light (as an example)

I love you

You have the power to heal and bless my Lower Dan Tian, to fill it with light and replenish it

Please heal and bless my Lower Dan Tian

I am very grateful

Thank you.

Mind Power – Visualize Universal Light coming into your Lower Dan Tian from all around you. You could also see it like the sun shining inside your Lower Dan Tian.

Sound Power – Chant silently or aloud, for 5 – 15 minutes or longer:

Universal Light heals and blesses my Lower Dan Tian

Universal Light heals and blesses my Lower Dan Tian

Universal Light heals and blesses my Lower Dan Tian…..

You can also simply chant Universal Light repeatedly.

When you are finished, close the practice by pausing in gratitude and saying thank you to all the souls. Master Sha teaches us to use the Chinese word “Hao” to indicate we are done. It is an affirmative word that means, “good, perfect, or get well.” In this case, you could say, “Hao,” and then thank your Lower Dan Tian and Universal Light.

When you finish, take your time before you open your eyes. Notice how you feel. Observe how it felt to do the practice. Notice if you had trouble with any one aspect and don’t worry. It takes practice to do it all. Some people do not visualize well, for example, but they feel or sense things, so they focus on the feeling of light in their Lower Dan Tian.

Whether you feel anything or not, you have received healing and blessing from the Universe with this practice. If you practice daily, within a relatively short time you could begin to feel the positive benefits from the practice. You can also pause in your day and do a five-minute practice to recharge or ground yourself.

I have personally benefited tremendously from this practice and I know of many people who have transformed longstanding issues of fatigue, lack of grounding and more through this type of practice. I hope you use this practice with regularity and experience profound blessings. I’m very grateful and honored to share it with you. Practice well!

About the author:

Master Francisco Quintero, the lead teacher at the Tao Academy, has developed worldwide training programs based on the teachings of Master Zhi Gang Sha.
Co-author of 
Greatest Love: Unblock Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day with the Power of Unconditional Love, Master Francisco helps people overcome life challenges by using simple yet powerful Tao practices.




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