Bliss of Being Review

Bliss of Being Review

Bliss of Being
The Pure Heart Ensemble
RichHeart Music (2013) 58:50 minutes

Review by Jenny Smiechowski

The aptly titled “Bliss of Being” makes you glad to be alive. It lulls you into a state of peace and serenity with its skillfully woven melodies composed of a delicate balance of piano, vocals, cello, and flute.

The Pure Heart Ensemble, which is collaboration between Richard Shulman, Kate Steinbeck, Dielle Ciesco, Adriana Contino, and Bob Hinkle, has crafted a soulful and resonant album that evokes a state of contemplation and restoration. It transports you into that rare mental place where both outer and inner disturbances melt away and all you are left with is the stillness of your own mind.

Richard Shulman’s piano acts as a guiding light throughout the composition, centering and leading the other elements in the group. The soft, tinkling piano has a mellow, familiar essence and feels like the soundtrack that should accompany a light spring rain. Dielle Ciesco’s vocals are ethereal and are a lovely complement to the piano, cello, and flute, often echoing their moving and meditative melodies.

The crystal bowls on ‘Divine Connection’ resound with an amazing healing energy that only crystal bowls can produce. They immediately encourage your mind and body to release tension and tune into the uplifting energy that is being offered.

‘We go together,’ the last track on the album, is more invigorating and upbeat than the rest of the tracks. It encourages listeners to come back from their meditative journey and return to the outer world, although not without bringing a little peace and stillness back with them.

On his website, Richard Shulman states his mission as being to “assist listeners in embodying and expressing their Spiritual essence and potential.” Shulman and his collaborators certainly accomplish this mission on “Bliss of Being,” a divinely-inspired and spiritually transformational piece of music.

Jenny Smiechowski received a B.A. in Environmental Writing and Environmental Policy from Unity College in Maine. She is a freelance writer who specializes in the areas of natural health, spirituality, and the environment.

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