Beware Side Effects of Some Sunscreens

Beware Side Effects of Some Sunscreens

It’s the summertime which means everyone is slathering themselves in SPF to enjoy the sun.  However, while sunscreen protects skin from harmful UV rays, it may cause other health problems.  A recent study conducted by a team at the University of Switzerland found that chemicals in sunscreen have high estrogenic activity.  Chemical estrogens are “gender benders” and can cause a whole host of health problems for both sexes.  Chicago Healers Practitioner Dr. Martha Howard highlights some of the issues:

  • Women

o   Increased breast and uterine cancer

o   Uterine fibroid tumors

o   Endometriosis

o   PMS

o   Irregular Periods

o   Migraines

  • Men

o   Reduced penis size

o   Increased testicular cancer

o   Undescended testicles

o   Breast enlargement

o   Lowered sperm counts

o   Sexual identity confusion

o   Impaired male fetal brain patterning

A study done at Tulane also found that combinations of the estrogenic sunscreen chemicals and other environmental chemicals, like PCB’s and DDT, are more harmful than single chemicals, with one mixture being 160 to 1600 times more toxic than each individual chemical.

Estrogenic chemicals are harmful to adults but very harmful in early fetal development.  If female hormones are present, the fetus has female imprinting, whether their genes are male (XY) or female (XX).  Exposing a male fetus to estrogenic chemicals during weeks 7 to 14 of pregnancy may cause mental or physical effects such as sex role confusion or reduced penis size.

Fear not, though, as it is easy to prevent exposure to these harmful chemicals and their effects by using organic, chemical free sunscreens.   Applying these will ensure a happy, healthy and sunny summer!  Dr. Howard recommends:

  • Desert Essence Organics Age Reversal Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 30
  • MyChelle Sun Shield
  • California Baby SPF 30+ No Fragrance Sunscreen

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