Beijing Martial Arts Coach Leads Aspen Qigong Retreat

Beijing Martial Arts Coach Leads Aspen Qigong Retreat

Sacred Tree, an integrative health and wellness center in Aspen and Breckenridge, announced today that Master Li Jun Feng, former head coach of the Beijing Wushu Team and National Wushu Team of the People’s Republic of China, will join their team to lead an integrative signature wellness retreat called Awakening the Soul.

Master Li visits Aspen for a weekend workshop from September 26 – 28 to teach two forms of Medical Qigong. He will review Healing I and Healing II with students, ‘Awakening the Soul’ and the ‘Six Healing Sounds’, which are interrelated to major organs.

Participants will explore the Sheng Zhen Qigong style. Sheng Zhen Qigong works with Qi (energy) to stimulate blood circulation and revitalize the body. Traditionally, Qigong was practiced to release blocked energy and shift patterns of physical and emotional issues. Master Li Jun Feng is a Qigong master, and also the founder of the International Sheng Zhen Qigong Society.

Master Li is credited with leading the renowned Wushu Teams to consistent first place wins in both national and international competitions for more than12 years, bringing unprecedented honor to China and elevating the standards of excellence worldwide.

Today he serves as advisor to the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong and the Qigong Science Research Association of China. He is based in Austin, Texas and travels extensively sharing this Qigong practice throughout the world.

This signature Sacred Tree wellness workshop welcomes all levels, regardless of previous Medical Qigong experience and understanding. Applications of Master Li teachings can be utilized as preventative measures or as an adjunct to the recovery process of an illness.
Sacred Tree is an integrated health and wellness center founded in Breckenridge by Brigette Schabdach in 2003 along with co-founders Joel Proctor, Corrie Burr and Allison Walters. The center supports an integrative approach to health and wellness, addressing the physical, psychological, social and spiritual components of well-being. Skilled practitioners help people of all ages and fitness levels live healthy lifestyles, reduce health risks and grow personally, with the ultimate goal of Sacred Tree being a place of protection, peace, relaxation, nourishment, contemplation and centering. The center offers acupuncture, massage therapy, natural skincare, chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, Rolf Methodology, iridology, ear candling, thermographic scans, ionic cleanse, nutritional counseling, women’s exams, skin cancer screenings and body treatments, free wellness talks, yoga, tai chi, qigong and kung fu programs.
For more information surrounding Medical Qigong, Master Li Jun Feng, or to enroll in a wellness retreat, contact Brigette Schabdach, 970-389-9968.

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