Basic Training for Healers

Basic Training for Healers

by Marcia Pickands

I usually start Healer Trainees out with the exercises from my book The Psychic Self Defense Personal Training Manual (Weiser, 1997). These are a few of the exercises that I work with. It will seem like a lot of work at first, and indeed it is. However, this training is designed to strengthen the Healer at the same time as he/she helps to heal some one in need of assistance.


1. Sit down in a comfortable but preferably straight backed chair. your feet flat on the floor. Allow your hands to rest quietly in your lap.

2. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of your own heart beat.

3. Begin to tune your breathing to the beating of your heart. Breathing in to a 4 beat, hold your breath in for a 4 beat, exhale to a 4 beat, and hold your breath out for a 4 beat.This resting the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth slightly behind your front teeth.

4. Gradually slow your breathing down. Notice that your heart rate follows your breath now Notice also that your thinking processes have begun to relax as well. Continue to slow your breathing down until you feel calm, relaxed, and develop a warm pleasant feeling in your belly Once you achieve this experience you will know what it feels like to be “centered.”


1. Center yourself.

2. Forget about your heart beat and place your attention on the soles of your feet. Allow a sensation of heat to build up under their arches.

3. Imagine now that a beam of golden light extends from the bottom of each of your feet.

4. Each time you exhale imagine that these 2 beams of golden light extend further away from your feet and into the earth below you (This may mean going through several floors and a building foundation first!). When your feet are firmly anchored in the earth so that it seems it would be hard to move them if you tried, you will have experienced the feeling of being “grounded.”

NOTE: Grounding and Centering must be practiced until you can center and ground yourself within a few seconds whether you are sitting, standing, or lying down (those beams of light can angle or curve down into the earth when necessary).

Developing Your Psychic Shield:

1. Center and Ground.

2. Now as you breathe in and out pay attention to that part of your psychic body which extends beyond the bounds of your physical body. With each inhalation of your breath draw your psychic body/aura in closer to your physical body.

3. Continue step 2 until your aura has been drawn into your physical body so much that its outer edges feel as if they are right at the level of your skin (the level at which it maximizes the strength it lends to the physical body and the level at which your physical, mental, and spiritual force maximally strengthens your psychic body).

4. Maintain this for no more than 5 minutes at first. You may gradually build the time (if you practice this exercise daily you may increase the time by 5 minutes every 3 days) that you hold your psychic body at skin level until you can do this effortlessly and continuously if need be.

Note: The practice of this exercise will eventually create a shield that you will have to consciously relax when you wish to share your energy with others. The shield thus formed will be at least as effective as continuously asserting strongly that “no-one may take your energy from you” and has the eventual advantage of not having to consciously maintain it.

Instant Psychic Shield:

1. Center and Ground

2. Practice Psychic Shielding with the following addition. Each time you get to the point where the outer edges of your psychic body/aura are level with your physical skin visualize a protective symbol (cross, pentagram, hexagram, etc.) glowing brightly in the center of your forehead (third eye area).

3. After about 6 months of daily practice just visualizing your protective symbol will have the effect of calling forth all the strength that you can muster into your psychic shield.

Draining away Un-needed, Un-wanted, and just plain Bad Stuff from your being:

1. Center and Ground yourself (do this lying down on your bed if you can).

2. While lying down on your bed (face up, arms at sides with palms up, legs slightly apart), imagine valves on the top of your head, in the centers of your palms, and on the centers of the soles of your feet.

3. Mentally open all 5 valves and tell yourself that everything that has attached itself to you from outside sources or from within yourself that is un-needed, un-wanted, or just plain bad for you will flow from the top of your head down through your body and out through your palms and feet over the next three minutes. Know that all of this unpleasant stuff will flow back to the source of everything to be purified and recycled.

4. Mentally close the valves on your palms and feet and open yourself up to the power of whatever God(s) you believe in (or simply universal energy if you prefer) for another 3 minutes so that you fill yourself up with clean, clear, and relaxing energy of the very best kind.

5. Mentally close the valve at the top of your head and enjoy.

NOTE: This same exercise can be done while standing in the shower and timed so that the shower washes out everything that needs to go and then as you air dry for three minutes you can draw in everything that is beneficial to you. (An overhead heat lamp would make a nice added touch to this process.)

The next basic exercise which I will present has been described by many authors including Israel Regardie and Alan Richardson. It is known as the Middle Pillar Exercise. This exercise is designed to help us absorb and make use of the vitality from the world around us. Humans are made up of several interpenetrating bodies most of which are invisible to our 5 physical senses. Just as our physical body has organs designed to help us make use of the physical food we feed it, our psychic body has organs designed to take in spiritual power and then to distribute and circulate this power to where it can be used to best advantage. When we gain control over this process through exercising it consciously we can direct this power to bring about beneficial changes in our lives and potentially the lives of others as well.

The Middle Pillar Exercise (modified version):

1. Center and Ground yourself in the sitting position.

2. Imagine a sphere of brilliant white light above the crown of your head. This sphere should be viewed as being active and abundantly alive with energy. This sphere is your Spirit Center and the key to your true self. Vibrate the words I. Am. like a mantra while maintaining this visualization.

3. After allowing your mind to rest here for 5 minutes imagine that your Spirit Center sends out a shaft of white light down through your skull and brain continuing until it stops at your throat and expands to form another sphere of brilliant white light. This is your Air Center. it is related to the powers associated with the planet Saturn. Keep this in mind as you focus your attention on this vital sphere.

4. After allowing your mind to rest here for 5 minutes imagine that your Air Center sends out a shaft of white light down through your body until it reaches your solar plexus and expands into a sphere of brilliant white light. This is your Fire Center. It is related to the powers associated with the Sun. Experience its energy as you focus your attention on this active sphere.

5. After allowing your mind to rest here for 5 minutes imagine that your Fire Center sends out a shaft of white light down through your body until it comes to your genital region where it expands to form another sphere of brilliant white light. This is your Water Center. It is related to the powers associated with the Moon. Feel this energy as you focus your attention on this sphere.

6. After allowing your mind to rest here for 5 minutes imagine that your Water Center sends out a shaft of white light down through your body until it reaches your feet where it expands to form a final sphere of brilliant white light. This is your Earth Center. It is quite naturally related to the powers associated with the Earth and such things as food, clothing, and shelter. Dwell on this as you focus your attention on this sphere of solidity. Spend 5 minutes doing this.

7. Now focus your attention on your Spirit Center and imagine it as vigorously absorbing spiritual energy from the atmosphere around you. Exhale and visualize this energy flowing down the left side of your body. Inhale and visualize this same energy flowing under your feet and up the right side of your body to return to your Spirit Center. Notice that this energy is inside all of your bodies both visible and invisible. Keep this visualization going until the energy has completed at least 6 full circuits.

8. Next imagine that this energy flows from your Spirit Center down the front of your body to your feet as you exhale and then flows under your feet and up the back of your body to return to your Spirit Center as you inhale. Continue this visualization until at least 6 full circuits have been completed.

9. Send your attention down to your Earth Center. This must be viewed as a vessel containing all power. Imagine that your Spirit Center is drawing this power up to it as you inhale in such a way that it fountains up out of your Spirit Center and then as you exhale it falls down all around your body until it collects again in the vessel that your Earth Center has become. Visualize at least 6 of these fountaining circulations of power.

NOTE: The total visual effect of this whole exercise will be what Don Juan of Carlos Castenada’s famous books would have called a scintillating luminous egg of energy extending from the center of your being out to about an arm’s distance from the limits of your physical body. I have presented The Middle Pillar exercise in a simplified form, however this will not detract from its usefulness in helping you pay attention to your psycho/spiritual organs and strengthening your entire being. This exercise should be practiced daily. Remember the stronger you are on all levels, the stronger will be your psychic shield when you need it! It often helps to develop a daily routine when you are learning new skills. I would suggest that you begin each day with the Middle Pillar Exercise and end each day with The Draining Exercise.

The Unbendable Arm:

1. Choose a partner who is obviously bigger and stronger than you.

2. Stand with your right shoulder facing the center line of your partner’s body (you are standing in a 90 degree angle relationship to each other). Place the outside edge of your right wrist on your partner’s left shoulder and adjust your distance from him until your right arm is out straight but relaxed. Keep your right hand open.

3. Bend your knees slightly and take the time to Center and Ground yourself.

4. Now ask your partner to place his hands gently over the place where your right arm would normally bend. Since your elbow will be pointing towards the floor, your partner’s hands will rest on top of the inside of your elbow.

5. Now you must visualize and feel yourself drawing universal energy from the earth below you up through your feet, up through your body, until it reaches your Fire Center from which you will channel it out through your right arm and the fingers of your right hand. Next visualize and feel yourself drawing universal energy down from the heavens above you, down through the crown of your head, down into your body until it reaches your Fire Center from which you will channel it out through your right arm and the fingers of your right hand. The feeling will be something like turning on a hydrant to feed a fire hose (your right arm). As long as this “hydrant” is turned on, universal energy will come into your body and shoot out the fingers of your right hand in such a way as to make your arm as unbendable as a fire hose would be if the hydrant that was feeding it was turned on full blast.

6. Now ask your partner to attempt to bend your right arm while applying steady downward pressure (no jerking of your arm is allowed as that can injure your joint) with as much force as he can build up. You will need to keep the visualizations and feelings described in step 5 going while your partner does this. The result should be that your arm is virtually unbendable even though it is physically relaxed. You should actually be able to pat your partner’s neck or pull his hair (gently) while he attempts to bend your arm.

7. Now try this exercise again, but start and end with the relative strength test (Exercise #1 Chapter 1 of The Psychic Self Defense Training Manual by Marcia L. Pickands, Weiser 1997). After practicing the Unbendable Arm Exercise you should be as strong as or stronger than you were before you attempted it.

NOTE: I have taught even 6-year old children to do this exercise successfully. So go ahead and give it a go! Actually, the fact that your arm can’t be easily bent by even a much stronger person is not really the point of this exercise. That result simply confirms that you are projecting something through your arm in such a way as to keep it from bending. That something is universal/cosmic energy that is available to all living things. By taking it in through your body in quantities above your personal requirements and then projecting it out through your right hand you have learned the basic technique you will need to send energy to others that need it. With practice you should be able to color that energy to help and heal in rather specific ways. If you are thinking that this technique could be misused, you are right. However, anyone attempting to do so needs to “color” the universal energy for unpleasant purposes while that energy is still inside him. This could lead to a very unfortunate case of psychic indigestion or self-poisoning especially if his target simply refuses the energy. If you have ever witnessed what happens when a sewer drain backs up into a bathroom, you will have a good idea what this could be like. Needless to say most baddies don’t tempt this fate often.

Below is a list of positive colors and their associations that can be used to color the universal energy that you wish to send to someone in need:

Indigo Stability
Purple Prosperity, Spiritual Growth
Bright Red Willpower, Vitality
Orange Success, Power, Illumination
Emerald Green Love, Pleasure, Beauty
Yellow Good Business, Communication
Blue Dealing with the Public and Healing

Expanded Middle Pillar Exercise:

1. Begin by taking a shower with the intention of purifying yourself spiritually as well as physically.

2. Dress in clean loose clothing. Now work the Middle Pillar Exercise as it was described above.

3. Once the energy is circulating throughout your psychic body visualize your energy colored appropriately to become a magnet for whatever you need. (See color chart at end of this exercise.)

4. If what you need requires bringing something into your life, visualize the universal energies connected to your need as being drawn into your psychic body. You will attract this with the “negative” color associated with your need. (Note: The words “positive” and “negative” refer to polarized charges such as those found in protons and electrons. They do NOT equate with “good” and “evil.”) If what you need involves sending something to someone else, visualize the energies originating in you coloring the universal energy that you draw into yourself with the “positive” color associated with your need. This energy must then be projected out towards your target using a method similar to the one described in The Unbendable Arm Exercise. (To send healing energy to someone first draw into yourself whatever you need to make you fit enough to heal someone else (heal yourself first) then color the universal energy that you draw from the earth below you and the heavens/Deity above you with the appropriate color for healing. Let that energy concentrate in your heart and send it out through your strongest arm and out through your palms and finger tips towards the person in need of healing — state that you are sending healing to such and such a person [add any other information about that person here if you think it will help focus the healing energy on them].)

Stability Indigo Black
Rectifying Abuses    
Prosperity Purple Blue
Construction Bright Red Bright Red
Will Power    
Power Orange Yellow or Gold
Love Emerald Green Emerald Green
Social Affairs    
The Arts    
Business Yellow Orange
Fertility Blue Puce
General Public    


© 2007 Marcia L Pickands,

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