Basic Evolutional Traits, or A Truth Regarding Life

Basic Evolutional Traits, or A Truth Regarding Life

by Maria Yracébûrû

As visionaries hoping to manifest dreams of amazing peace, it is important to understand the history and truth of humanity and earth before actually warping time. Through history humanity transitions in its relationship with Changing Mother Earth. Our lives here have been more than simple existence with no purpose. We are an element within the cycles of evolution, forces drawn upon fear or love, so that continuance could occur. As we “devolve to evolve,” we have experienced what my ancestors have referred to as the “Take Apart.” So within a simple earth life philosophy, we see that humanity evolved in two world paradyms… the 1st World of Love and the 2nd World of Kinship. Humanity came to devolve in the Take Apart of the 3rd World of Time and 4th World of Soul Sickness. We change to meet the energy of the 5th World Coming Together… the Communion.

I wish to explore the basic traits, cycles, and characteristics that have been assigned to our evolution. This will help define the basic environment and task of your personal journey.

In the Beginning…
Different version. According to our legends, those that explain the creation of all things, tell of humanity occupying the void as infinite spirit. Our great energies were destined to become the charters of evolution, our heart fire created the history of time passing. Our spirits were considered so large that in an eclipse of thought, we, the Thought of All That Is, then created.

Soon humanity moved from the 1st World of Love, as crystaline form to become humane relations in the physical limited space of the 2nd World of Kinship. Relationships were now the focus for humans, yet even with this move into sensuality, humans always flowed like water. A life giving truth was born.

The next worlds are noted as being the Take Apart worlds. Time took up residency in the 3rd World, living became an act of separation and higherarchy. Human were seldom seen in higher form. Strong, judgemental barriers were created within the psyche and occasionally a truth in connection would shine.

As humanity began to explore inhumanity and polarity, the earth began appearing as non life in the 4th World of Soul Sickness. Many injustices were perpetuated, and must be accepted in the energetic dance to move forward. Consider this.

It is in the 5th World of Coming Together that we take up residence in spiritual maturity, living harmoniously with the land, causing life to exist in peace. We are examples of evolving life that make life possible. Curing our Soul Sickness by Coming Together, co-creating dreams together, we settle ourselves in health and stability.

We are today, the most evolved of all worlds, finally settling in to become responsible co-creators of reality. The 5th World offers excellent opportunity to become all we can be, humane, and initiate us in the truth of our new lives. Peace is found with the daily miracles most welcomed because the only access to the moment is by gratitude and innocent awe.

Historically, humans have been isolated for 758,000+ years, living a psychotic blend of hope and dispair. Humans, however, discovered an inner voice that never let them stop trying. Circles of connection now become common, with many coming together offering transitional peace. This is the first Taanaashkaada il’jooni… Coming Together Initiation.

By the time we establish the miracle of the 5th World manifested within our hearts, we will have evolved further and further into the frequency of potential. We discover that through living in relation with earth, life can be very rewarding, it also provides a rich satisfaction. The children are raised in a supportive and intuitive environment.

We seldom are in need of mediation. We do, whenever possible, sit in council with others discussing the variety sacred points of view. Storytelling is a favorite activity, well worthy of the time and energy involved in telling them. But it is clear through the historical stories that there were times very different that the cooperative era, reverance and honoring are given to those lives involved, and humans are celebrated for their courage to move on as an act of compassion for life.

There are stories that imply hilarity, however, it is always noted that laughter is the greatest source creator of love and health. Usually Coyote, of all Relations, is the source of our good humor.

There is no division: there is respect. Extremely little is noted of the “Battle between the Sexes.” We look to the more evolved philosophy of energetic alignment in our responsibilities.

Illness is very rare. Maybe one or two things still involving the adjustment of body frequency to the new earth magnetics. Because of this, it is important now to take care of our physical forms by making sure we are assimilating the water we drink. The energies are effecting our pituitary which powers the ability to assimiliate the nutrient of water. A good rule is your body weight in ounces + a pinch of rock salt in the morning and another in the evening.

The Circle structure of traditional community lifestyle is structured. The equality of respect is the mother of peace. Within the societal life of community, all humans participate and are honored. During our transitions, the Community Circle is emminent in our aligning in the moment. The intent, focus, and motivation that comes with experience is used to create commonality for understanding.

Initiation occurs in a heartbeat during and spontaneous and exhausting shift as we complete one cycle and begin another. Once the shift has occured, the settling involves minor shock waves, frequency adjustments. We are faithful. So with each new understanding we embrace the potential and evolve. It is likely that each new moment will have a different attribute, allowing for distribution of the energies within All Our Relations.

History is carried within us until we are wise enough to view it, then we are unhampered by time. We are guardians of life, taking care to respect and appreciate each life for maximum potential. Lives that are lived within isolation are being warmed by the love of those that have connected, much as sunlight on an Indian Summer Day.

After the Worlds of Take Apart, we mature, thanks to the added energies of the universal transmigration. Empowered with hope, we evolve quickly, and we connect with one another in quickening moments. The truth of the newly established Communion are appearing as threads in the beginning of 5th World tapestry… the historical documentation of time. We move out of adolescence. We grow and strengthen.

It’s taken many worlds of evolution for us to reach maturity and hone our physical experience. Because of our great Take Apart, we are feeling like we are dropping from some height. The beginning of flight is a glide that allows the wing sails to fill with energy. Even with strong faith, it takes a great deal of energy to raise above chaos and pull free of the 4th World’s illusions of separation. The very Changing Mother earth is said to groan as our frequency rises.

Once free of fear, we soar along the energy currents much like eagles or hawks, using our reason only when synchronistic to raise ourselves into new frequencies. This style of evolution means that we can remain aloft for longer periods of time, traveling great distances without expenditure of large amounts of energy. The truth of spirit flight is said to be so large that it can block the development of needed abilities.

Adolescence was a time of life in which our natural powers begin to be apparent. Depending on the prophecy you are aligning with, humans possess the ability to change shapes, taking on other forms; the power to speak with the mind, messaging with silent imaging; and even the power to heal imbalance in the physical form. Many experience telepathic thoughts now on a more regular basis.

More attentive to our spiritual abilities we are more peaceful and encircled in love. Although respect is built on healthy boundaries, there is no real need of protection within the structure of Sacred Law upon which we observe without forethought. Sacred Breath, both refreshing and revitalizing, strengthen the heart and the community. Love oozes like droplets of sweet essence that can heal with just a breeze. Even a smile is noted to cause the betterment of life.

One prophecy tells of the scales of Nakia the Rainbow Serpent, wrapped around us in shimmering iridescent shielding that can, by physicality, reduce planetary stress along the magnetic grid and tektonic fault lines. Ley lines are noted as being Changing Mother’s nervous system, trembling in their stimulation and change.

With this transition, we can be sure we will arrive at our destiny by way of our breathing ability or impeccability of speech from our hearts. The healing ability of humans is very well noted throughout all time, and growing, there is power of love accomplishing this feat.

Coiling around our mother, Nakia is universal to the indigenous of earth by whatever name you call him. Having wrapped us in the center of his great energy, Nakia begins to slowly reveal the vision of what is to be.

Prophecy speaks of the equality of the Rainbow. No color is more important in creation of beauty; each color sports an equal range of frequency and point of origin orientation. In the 1st World, some of us were gold toned, yet red, blue, or green. The color keys to wisdom we are to see.

We have markings on our energetic bodies that are clues in our evolving. Memories for all 7 Worlds revolve around in our personal belts of atmosphere. The prophecies are revealed in your 7th body.

It has been said we can access three dimensions of time in one viewing.

We grow in frequency through eternity. Ancient lives were extremely impressive. Faith and truth have also grown throughtout many lifetimes, as has our purpose. A human of many lives can have energy that flows, with memory revealed. Lessons change throughout our evolution, reaching the same truth in the same moment… synchronicity.

Humanity loves bright, shiny, glimmering personal purpose, and we celebrate our victories over fear. The illusion of fear, doubt and anger are very well documented.

We gather our power while honoring and returning to our personal truth, create a reality of peace upon which life flourishes. Because many prophecies show this, it must be assumed that humans are capable of creating our own reality, and just need to accept our ability to do so. There is very clear evidence to the high purpose of humanity, so it is likely that peace is created in such a way as to be revealed from our own hearts.

It may be that when we were isolated, we created an illusion so strong that it imprisons us. Fear, in it’s natural purpose to protect us from physical harm, would of course be overwhelmed in the isolation and magnified by self perpetuating anxiety. Thus it was with great courage that we confronted our fears. The larger number of support systems created, the higher we evolved from illusion.

Isolation has been pure illusion, as many have discovered. The Illusion knew exactly how far to push us and where our buttons lay. If this acknowledged truth is proportional to our ability to heal, one can easily understand our ability to create peace.

– Maria Yraceburu studied Quero Apache traditions with her grandfather, and became an akicita(guardian) of Earth. She facilitated the Earth Renewal Festivals by partnering Tlish Diyan ritual with cross-cultural facilitators since 1972. She is author of Wisdom of the Rainbow Serpent: 2nd Penseh (FAEW 2008), Wisdom of the Rainbow Serpent: 1st Penseh (FAEW 2005), Prayers & Meditations of the Quero Apache (Bear & Co. 2004), and Legends & Prophecies of the Quero Apache (Bear & Co., 2002). To learn more visit

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