August message from the faeries

August message from the faeries

by Diomira D’Agostino

Several years ago the faeries began speaking to me at great length. I was shown my divine purpose here if I chose to accept it. It was very clear: to help facilitate the remembrance of our connection to Mother Earth. They explained that many beings from all walks of life have been harmoniously working together to support Gaia in her transformation. The faerie realm is one of the key players in this ascension process.

What do faeries have to do with Ascension? Let’s start at the beginning. To say faeries are masters of form is an understatement. Faeries are the architects, builders and implementers of form. That is not to say that they give direction and purpose, as that is our job. They give form to our desires. They organize matter to reflect our intentions. After all, everything that exists in matter couldn’t have gotten there without the help of the Nature kingdom. Nature exists on all planes, albeit in various expressions and manifestations. Our physical bodies are created from the elements of the Earth. Wouldn’t it be obvious then, that the faeries would have a great understanding of what was required for us to make a dimensional shift in form? For we would be expanding our physical vehicle to house a different bandwidth.

12-12-2012. We have all heard about this date. We all know it is supposed to be important somehow. I found myself wondering question upon question, “What is the significance and how does it relate to December 21, 2012? What is the relationship of this date to Mexico?” How will the energies of this day impact us, and why is Mexico such a hot spot during this time?” Seconds later, my questions were being answered by my dear friends in the world of Faerie.

The Age of Aquarius is governed by Brotherhood. 12-12-12 is an extremely significant precursor. December 21, 2012 is the doorway through which we walk moving through one cycle and into the next. Closing one door, and opening another. The cycle that we are moving into requires a new foundation to be laid as old energies are swept away. December 12, 2012 is a day to lay the foundation, so we have something to step onto when we walk through that doorway. Laying a foundation in a co-creative manner means that we lift up, and connect with Spirit and the Faerie Kingdom. Spirit helps us conceive and direct our vision; the faeries help us to bring it forth into form.

Mexico. Because of their role in the constructs of form, the faeries have a great understanding of the Earth energetically and how various points on our Mother interact with and affect the whole. The ancients were very aware of these powerful spots. This is why, under the direction, guidance and wisdom of the Celestial Brotherhood of Light, along with the wisdom and understanding of Nature, the ancients built many temples, pyramids, and stone circle complexes on these sacred sites. The geometrical structures actually harness, direct and sometimes amplify the energy in incredibly brilliant ways. When the Earth’s kundalini resettled in the Andes Mountains, it activated many sacred points in Central and South America. Chichen Itza relates to the heart chakra. This space is designed to awaken our heart through opening and aligning it to the heart chakra of the Earth.

This is what the Faeries explained to me regarding the significance of Mexico in relationship to 12-12-12, the Age of Aquarius, and ultimately the Ascension process:

The path to ascension is through the heart. Love is the strongest energy in the universe, and it is in opening up our heart space that we will remember our connection to All That Is and awaken. Mexico is an extremely supportive place for this. December 12, 2012, in conjunction with this sacred site is a powerfully synergistic expression of energies that will be a clarion call for many to experience. Because of this sacred site’s resonance with the Heart, it amplifies our ability to connect with our Christed Nature within. It is in this beautiful energy of unity and oneness that we can open to a higher vision. Because the image is coming from the heart it will be born of unity-consciousness instead of polarity consciousness. It is in this way that we dream the vision of the Golden Age into being. Again 12-12-12 is about laying a foundation based on the specifications of the vision. Once the vision is conceived in the celestial realms, the faeries design and build the foundation to the specifications of that divine blueprint. The foundation that is laid on that day will be the springboard into the Age of Aquarius; 12-12-12 is an energetic catapult that will beam us into December 21, 2012 and beyond.

The faeries explain that this transition of the ages can be seamless when we align our hearts with the Heart of the planet, and from this space of peace, love and oneness we can co-create a new reality in a higher-dimensional frequency where love is the foundation.

Love and Faery Light,

Diomira and the Faeries

Diomira will be leading a spiritual tour to the heart of Maya Mexico that includes a special 12-12-12 ceremony at Chichen Itza. For details please visit Body Mind Spirit Journeys.


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Awesome, I was looking for a link between the two dates, thanks so much!

Love and Light,