Astral Projection Techniques

Astral Projection Techniques

by May Stewart

Astral projection, what exactly is it? Astral projection is when your astro body leaves the physical body. We are multidimensional, we all have 7 sheath bodies and the astro body is one of them. The other 6 bodies are physical, mental, causal, etheric, emotional and spiritual. Some people can do astral projection naturally and other people need to find the proper astral projection techniques so that they may do it properly.

To astro project the important thing is that you must feel absolutely comfortable. Make sure that you are in a quiet environment where there will be nothing to distract you. Your body must be relaxed that is the first step. The next things you need to do are enter the state of bordering sleep then deepen the stage by clearing your mind. After this you try to enter the stage of vibration. To enter this stage remove all items such as jewelry that might be touching your skin. Make the room as dark as possible without shutting out all light.

Lay yourself down along a north-south axis, your head should be in the north position. Make your clothing loose but also keep it warmer than usual. You should be able to remember everything that is going on in your session. The next step may sound a little weird, however choose a point that is at least a foot away from your head, after this change your mental reference point to 6 feet away. Draw an invisible line that is parallel to your body axis above your head.

Focus on that point and its vibrations and try to bring them back to your body. Practice controlling these vibrations and once you have control of the vibrations you will be ready to leave the body. Next try to focus on the idea of leaving your body however try not to let your mind wander because if so then you may lose control of the state. Think about getting lighter and lighter so that your body may dissociate itself the thought of floating upward may help.

It may not work on the first try but don’t give up by making sure that you concentrate on these astral projection techniques you can achieve your goal.

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