Are You Thinking Your Way to Success?

Are You Thinking Your Way to Success?

by Natalie Del Porto

“What will be, will be.” A phrase we have all heard time and again, but what does it mean and why do we believe it? This idea leads us to the conclusion that life is happening TO us and we are willing participants that sit idly by while we are swept up with what is happening around us. No control over our own lives or paths. Most of us are caught up in the day to day shuffle, stressed by our job, debt, the chores, the drama of family and friends. What we do not realize is that we in fact can create exactly what we want out of life. What will be – is what we think it to be. We are all under the impression that we are thinking all the time. Thoughts are always in our head right? But what are we doing with those thoughts. Chances are the thoughts in your head are growing wild like weeds when in fact they need to be carefully cultivated and tended to. These thoughts shape our world and the path that lay ahead of us need only to be imagined first, to come to light in our reality. Our thoughts become things…Whether you believe it, or don’t believe it, it is still working in your life.

This idea seems entirely too simple. And it is so simple that people ignore it, dismiss it, laugh at it and don’t believe it. Instead shouldn’t we embrace it?  For a moment, get a good mental picture of the life that you really want. The big house, prestigious and high paying job, the car, the perfect partner, family time, vacations, whatever it is that lights a fire inside of you. Many of us think about these things daily or maybe only weekly because we are busy with “life.” And when we think about these things, we are in a state of envy that someone else has them or perhaps frustration that we don’t know how to get them.  This puts us in the wrong vibration and pushes our desires further and further from us. In order to pull them in our direction, we must see ourselves in possession of these wonderful things that we want to do, have and become.  The power of visualization is in feeling good, joyous and abundant thoughts, even when we cannot hold these desires in our hands. Our feelings of gratitude, for something that we do not yet have, absolutely sends a message to the Universe that we are ready to receive it.  The Universe goes to work, without our knowing, to bring our thoughts into physical form in our lives.  Everything that we need to manifest our image or goal is attracted to us and we are attracted to it.  All the circumstances, people, and money that we need to reach the good that we desire will move into form, and we do not have to know how it’s going to happen. Our job is in the desire, the mental image, and paying attention to what calls to us.  The ways and means are not our job to figure out. Now this is true whether our thoughts are negative or positive; which is why it is so important to pay attention to what is really going through our minds. If the constant thought is “get out of debt” what we bring towards us is more debt. The Universe hears debt and delivers that to us. We must instead take our thoughts to abundance, prosperity and always having more than enough, and this state will attract its way to us when we truly expect that it is possible.

Is it worth trading your negativity, sadness, guilt, hurt, and grudges to get the abundance, daily joy, happiness, fun and wealth that has been fleeting or elusive in the past? The most successful people have been those that knew this power and embraced it. And the best part, anyone can do this! We need only the desire and faith to make our dreams a reality.

Believe it.  Expect it. You’ll have it.
– Bob Proctor

About the author

Natalie Del Porto is a Success Coach and Thinking Into Results Facilitator for individuals and groups that are seeking the knowledge and power to reach their goals and aspirations in all aspects of life. If you are interested in discovering your true potential, please contact Natalie to start this amazing journey.

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