Are You the Person You Always Dreamed of Being?

Are You the Person You Always Dreamed of Being?

By Laurie Kessler

Direct voice medium Hans Christian King has been at it for over 50 years. But after several decades of giving private readings, he finally decided to pass the torch and teach what he knows to others. Recently, during a stopover in California’s central valley on his way to Los Angeles, King talked about becoming the person you always dreamed of being, but doing it the intuitive’s way.

Kessler: Doesn’t a person in your profession attract people who want to change?

King: Why would they want to change?

Kessler: Because they don’t like their marriage, they don’t like their job.

King: How did their marriage and their job happen?

Kessler: Because of them.

King: Because they made a choice. Look, when I work, I use a legal pad. At the end of many readings, I will say to someone, ‘This is your entire life.’ It’ll go all the way down to here (he gestures to the bottom of the paper). Now, I make them an offer, ‘Would you rather have this page [with all the writing on it]…’ and then I turn the page to the next one that’s blank and say, ‘…or would you rather have this one?’ Seventy-five percent of the people will pick the first page with all the writing on it. It’s already been done. There’s no space to write on it anymore. It’s all over. You can’t do it again. We have a perception in our country that if you don’t know what it is, there may be a dragon in it.”

Kessler: Right.

King: My teaching says, ‘The same energy that created all of this can now develop all this.’ You see? So we get them to shift their perception from the ‘Why?’ to the ‘Why not?’

Kessler: Okay, I understand that.

King: All we’re doing is giving them an option to witness their choices. And they can, from a place of stopping the mind chatter and absolute clarity say, ‘You know what? That was a nice experience, but I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to try something new.’ They are giving themselves permission to actually do that. But first, before you get there, you have to look at where you’ve been and how you got there. Now, almost everyone that comes to my classes is what we call clairsentient, which is an ability to know something without knowing it. Through my [Intuitive Psychic Development] classes, they begin to witness the illusion of what they created. Do you know that almost all the fears we have are our parents’ fears?

Kessler: Oh, that’s interesting. They’re carrying baggage then?

King: We lock ourselves into an illusion. We are products [of our past]. One of the gifts I give people that I think is marvelous is this: Ask your child who they are and where they came from. Christ said it, for heaven’s sake. Buddha said it. Is anybody listening? Ask your child who they are?

Kessler: So, your Intuitive Psychic Development classes are more than learning to predict the future?

King: Absolutely. It’s getting you back into you: who you are, where you came from—wiping your slate clean. Not being guilty anymore, not being angry, not allowing your mind-chatter to destroy your life. When the bible says, ‘Go back and be child-like’, there’s a reason for it. Because when you’re child-like, you’re closer to the Force. So what we do in our classes is take you back to the original you.

Kessler: That sounds far more intricate than I ever imagined.

King: When you see that you’re not a victim anymore, that you actually made those choices, oh my god! You’ll say, ‘Oh, well, I won’t do that again!’ Now, what I didn’t tell you was when I take you back there to that clean page, guess what? Spirit’s going to give you all these new Crayola crayons—a whole pile of new Crayola crayons. And guess what? You get to re-create. Yes, you can.

Kessler: So there’s more to being a medium than making predictions? And in your classes you teach this?

King: Mediumship is not about predictions—it never has been about predictions. Predictions became also a part of it, yes, but mediumship is about connecting you to yourself again and explaining to you how the partnership [with Spirit] works. The job of any intuitive as far as this man is concerned is to empower through spiritual advice and wisdom what you already have in you but have forgotten.

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